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Patent pictures of Aurus Komendant: This is Putin's luxury SUV

Aurus via Rospatent
Patent images from Aurus Komendant
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A urus is expanding its model portfolio as announced. The manufacturer of the new Russian state limousine is on the last legs with the development of its luxury SUV model.

V8 with 600 hp and all-wheel drive

Visually, the Komendant follows that of the Senate and Arsenal given lines, whereby the Komendant is somewhere in between in terms of proportions. The model has a massive chrome grille that extends far down and is a little reminiscent of Rolls-Royce models. Narrow headlights flank it. The elongated and strongly contoured bonnet directs the view to the recessed passenger cell.

The Komendant is designed as a classic SUV with plenty of ground clearance, large overhangs and an angular design. At the rear, the headlight design is repeated in the lights with a C-shaped light signature. Otherwise, the rear with the square tailpipes is classically reserved. There are 20-inch light alloy wheels in the strongly exhibited wheel arches. Under the SUV sheet metal, the Aurus Komendant sits on the same platform as its sister models. Under the long hood, a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 with 600 hp and 880 Nm torque in combination with a nine-speed automatic and all-wheel drive provides propulsion.

Cockpit from the Senate

Stefan Baldauf

The Russians proceed in the same way in the interior. The Aurus Komendant seems to be taking over the cockpit of the limousine. The SUV therefore has an extremely wide display that combines various displays under one pane. The central control unit is located on the center console as a rotary push button. There is no third row of seats on the Erlk├Ânig, but the seats in the rear are equipped with large displays mounted on the front seats.

This is to comeAurus Komendant end of 2021 /beginning of 2022. Aurus assumes that the Komendant, when it comes into civil trade, will probably become the most popular Aurus model. By the way: Like the sedan Senate (including Cabrio ) and the van Arsenal the Komendant is also named after a Kremlin tower.


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