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On tracks: Delta 4x4 turns Mercedes G into a G caterpillar

At the customer's request, Delta 4x4 converted a Mercedes G to caterpillar drive. The chain conversion can be retrofitted to wheels at any time.

When it comes to off-road mobility, a Mercedes G is actually beyond any doubt. But even extreme climbers reach their limits in the wintry Alps. A wealthy Almwirt in the Swiss mountains did not want to put up with it and had his Mercedes G converted to caterpillar drive by Delta 4x4 in order to be able to drive to his hut in the Graubünden mountains at an altitude of almost 3,000 meters despite all the inclement weather.

Powerful caterpillars for powerful grip

In order to create space under the fenders for the massive caterpillars from US supplier Mattracks, the off-road specialists raised the G500 by 20 centimeters. The connection of the caterpillar modules, each weighing around 170 kilograms, to the vehicle was designed in such a way that the caterpillars can be easily removed for the summer and the G can be put back on its four all-terrain tires. Mattracks approves its 88M1-A1 track drive for speeds of up to 65 km/h. The running surfaces made of fiber-reinforced rubber can be used down to minus 40 degrees. They dock to the standard wheel hubs via an 18.5-inch pinion. Four castors ensure constant ground contact. The contact area is between 424 and 600 cm² - per caterpillar. This ensures sufficient grip even in a lot of snow. ,

Sounds simple, but overall it is an expensive undertaking. The caterpillars alone, including assembly, cost 50,000 euros, and the same amount was due again for homologation and extensive testing. The Almwirt had to invest a further 19,000 euros in the lift including homologation. And because the wallet was already open anyway, around 20,000 euros flowed into conversions such as roof racks and front bars as well as changing the tires to the big wheels for summer use. A Mercedes G on snow chains for around 140,000 euros - sounds stately. ,


Forget the Mercedes G 4x4² or the Mercedes G 6x6 . Only chains count for alpine use. A Swiss Almwirt had it screwed under his Mercedes G. The conversion is not particularly complex, but extremely expensive.


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