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Offroad-Smart: Battle dwarf in the mud fever

George Kosilov
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G eorge Kosilov from the western Ukrainian town of Truskavets is not only an enthusiastic Screwdriver, he also has a strong propensity for off-road driving. Because the 29-year-old didn't feel like spending a lot of money on an off-the-peg off-road vehicle, he preferred to build his own fun device. The result is a pretty crazy Smart that could easily play in an end-of-time film.

Mud cutter in Liliput format

Kosilov started converting the Smart fortwo into a nasty mud digger out of his passion for rear-wheel drive buggies. The Smart, which can be bought cheaply, was just in time to use the Flex.

George's Offroad-Smart is the fortwo with a 0.8-liter turbo-diesel, which, given the dwarf size of the car, provides a decent amount of torque and low consumption guarantees. George left the rear axle suspension original, but he gave the axle homemade portals: the self-made countershaft transmission with chain drive (!) And the large ATV tires used lift the Offroad-Smart to a ground clearance of 36 centimeters.

Self-made off-road smart

George took a similarly pragmatic approach to the front axle. Here he tinkered with an independent suspension with wishbones and struts, as organ donors, among other things, Honda, Mitsubishi and VW junk cars were used.

George left the engine untouched, but he gave the mud ball a bigger cooler. A self-made reinforced clutch for the automated gearbox is better able to withstand the load in off-road operation. In addition, George installed a new disc brake system.

Despite its pure rear-wheel drive, the off-road Smart has become a real terrain beast. George takes part in cross-country competitions in Ukraine, so far everything has held. However, the battle dwarf is now for sale, its builder has new plans. It will be exciting.

In the second part of the picture gallery we show you some details from the renovation phase


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