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Nissan Navara N-Guard AT32: This is how the new top pickup drives

Nissan Navara N-Guard Off-Roader AT32
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A on the occasion of World Ocean Day in summer 2018, Nissan presented a special model of the Navara. The special version called “Off-Roader AT32” was developed together with the Icelandic company “Arctic Trucks”. The Navara AT32 is now regularly included in the model range in Germany, but as a limited special version: 50 units of the pickup with the long name 'Nissan Navara N-Guard Off-Roader AT32' are coming to us. The Navara AT32 is getting an extensive conversion that Arctic Trucks is carrying out. The most important detail is the new chassis. On the front axle, Arctic Trucks relies on a height-adjustable coilover suspension, while the rear axle has newly tuned coil springs from Bilstein. The dampers for the rear axle and in the front suspension struts are also supplied by Bilstein especially for the Navara. The suspension is raised by 20 millimeters. The taller tires add another 20 millimeters in height.

Torsten Seibt
The snorkel is not part of the conversion scope for German vehicles

Arctic Trucks lifts the Navara

The wheel arches are being widened accordingly. A complete underride guard from the front bumper secures the engine, tank and transmission against ground contact. As the name of the special model suggests, Arctic Trucks relies on 32-inch off-road tires mounted on 17-inch alloy wheels for the tires. The tire size traditionally defines the type name of Arctic Trucks conversions: In addition to the AT32, there are conversion kits up to 38 inch tires, accordingly such models are then called AT38.

The conversion measures bring the most important characteristic of off-road capability , the ground clearance, corresponding to a total of 40 millimeters of additional air, especially for a pickup with a long wheelbase and large rear overhang, a welcome oneMeasure. The ground clearance increases to 243 millimeters and the slope angle to 35 and 25 degrees (front /rear). So prepared we went to Morocco for the first test drive. The terrain there: rubble and sand desert, mud and water.

Torsten Seibt
Tire and chassis conversions bring 40 millimeters more ground clearance.

First drive in the Nissan Navara N- Guard Off-Roader AT32

The four centimeter higher entrance to the pickup does not require any climbing skills, but it is even more difficult, especially when getting out, not to embellish your trouser legs with traces of terrain on the running boards protruding under the sill. There are no changes to the series in the interior of the AT32, with the exception of another switch to the left of the steering wheel: Arctic Trucks also offers an additional differential lock for the front axle (a rear lock is standard on the AT32). However, this is not part of the official conversion kit and must be paid for separately if required. The same applies to the intake snorkel from the well-known Australian supplier 'Safari Snorkel' - this is also not part of the AT32 package, but can easily be bought and installed from German off-road accessory suppliers.

The Bilstein chassis is shown at the test drive into the stone deserts in the south of the Atlas Mountains is a bit more customer-friendly than the standard version. The hard bumps and pitching movements that the Navara distributes, especially with short impulses, are well concealed, on nasty corrugated iron slopes the undercarriage reliably maintains ground contact and adequately filters away the roughest hits. The increased ground clearance also pays off, larger sized stones lying around can be safely driven over without remodeling the sub-floor.

The automatic system corresponds well with the biturbo engine, shifts smoothly and sensibly. A noticeable difference in driving performance due to the higher rolling circumference of the 32-inch tires cannot be subjectively ascertained, the pick-up is moving sufficiently quickly. It is striking how seldom the rear axle lock is needed despite the sometimes challenging terrain: actually not at all. The reason is the excellent entanglement for a pickup. So let yourselfCope with steep descents and ascents in the dry rivers on the test drive.

The Nissan Navara AT32 then passes its second test in the foothills of the Sahara at Erg Chebbi, with reduced tire pressure it goes to dune surfing in deep sand. Here the 2.3-liter engine pulls through completely unimpressed, has enough power reserves even for steep climbs in the sand, on which there is sometimes only a short distance to start. The pickup takes steep dune ridges with momentum, getting stuck and shoveling free is not on the program on this test day. Mission accomplished.

Nissan Navara AT32 - the price

Nissan sells the special model in the so-called two-invoice business, which is often used in the commercial vehicle industry: the base vehicle is delivered to the convertor, from which the customer receives a second invoice for the renovation work. Nissan specifies the base price for the Navara double-cab N-Guard with 190 hp diesel and 7-speed automatic transmission at 46,049 euros, and a further 6,890 euros are due for the upgrade at Arctic Trucks. Both Nissan and Arctic Trucks offer a five-year guarantee on the vehicle and installed components.


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