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Nissan Juke-R and Nismo in the driving report: Godzilla's grandchildren for Europe

Nissan Juke-R and Nismo in the driving report
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W his name is not on the Forbes List, but found under a home loan and savings contract, can hardly realize the prices in the PS world. Would you like some pictorial help? 500,000 euros in 20 euro banknotes make 25,000 notes. Each is 13.3 inches long. 500,000 euros in 20-euro bills are enough for a 3,325-meter-long line.

Parcmoto Castelloli race track near Barcelona, ​​the price of today's exotic car could easily include the pit lane alongside the 2,963-meter-long race track Papering the twenties: Allow me to buy the Nissan Juke-R for 500,000 euros.

Mini-Godzilla Nissan Juke-R

With the support of the Nissan Technical Center Europe, the British racing car manufacturer RML transplanted the genes of the all-wheel drive horror GT-R into the compact crossover. In just 22 weeks, the specialists not only built the 3.8-liter V6 biturbo and the six-speed dual clutch transmission as well as the GTR brakes in the Mini-Godzilla. The GT-R axle construction also had to be adapted to the Juke.

The Nissan Juke-R study presented as part of the Dubai 24h race in 2012 was supposed to remain a one-off. But in the Emirates, Monets sit loosely like Monopoly money. Three serious interested parties took a bite - the crazy idea became a small series.

The original Nissan Juke-R engine with 485 hp from the first R35 GT-R generation seemed a bit too weak to the makers. Therefore, RML recently hoisted the 550 hp biturbo from the 2013 vintage into the engine compartment, the bulkhead of which had to be moved back to make room for the power plant.

Nissan Juke with testosterone overdose

The testosterone overdose also has an effect on the body. The Nissan Juke-R grows 15 centimeters in width thanks to the widebody kit. Circular air inlets, carbon fiber parts, a diffuser, exhaust ducts as thick as drainpipes and a two-part roof spoiler complete the matt black muscular animal.

Press the start button, the typical Nissan GT-R rattling in the drive train has also been adopted by the Juke-R in its starting choreography . Full throttle out of the pit lane. The rich traction also looks familiar. The sprint to 100 km /h should take 3.0 seconds. In the empty interior with roll cage, you can only hear a slight turbo hissing sound, while outside a biturbo hurricane breaks loose.

Fidgety like a Nissan GT-R on ecstasy

The top speed should be 275 km /h. Our test copy already throws the electronic anchor at Japan-compliant 180 km /h. Perhaps better - the Nissan Juke-R is as fidgety as a GT-R on ecstasy with a 25 centimeter shorter wheelbase. The good-natured, neutral driving behavior of his heart donor is gone. Slight understeer at the entrance to the curve changes with the slightest twitch from the accelerator pedal to a load change wedge. You can't do without jagged counter-steering impulses. Even when braking, the Japanese dances with the rear like his compatriots in a karaoke bar. 'You can stabilize it well if you brake with the left and are lightly on the gas', it sounds from the passenger seat. Nissan works driver Michael Krumm gives tips on how to tame the boost pressure beast.

Juke fans who do not want to pay the equivalent of a single-family home for the 550-hp four-wheel drive monster, Nismo in Germany comforts with the Nissan Juke Nismo at a cost price of 26,400 euros. Nismo? Yes, the Nissan sports branch, honored by tuning fans in Japan, is now officially launched in Europe for the first time. Nismo (Nissan Motorsports International), that began in Japan in 1964 with the legendary Skyline 2000 GT racing and has developed into a success story to this day ( more about Nissan's motorsport activities ).

At the same time as racing, Nismo was soon selling tuning parts for Nissan series models. Starting with the Nismo 270R, modified complete vehicles were also offered from 1994. This was followed by sharpened Skyline GT-R versions of the R33 and R34 series as well as tuned 350Z and 370Z models.

Japan GTI with a Tiguan-like seating position

Why Nismo is now starting Europe with a high-legged crossover is incomprehensible. The Biedermann image underneath the 370Z and GT-R, which was shaped by Nissan models such as Tiida and Almera in this country, is now supposed to polish up a Japan GTI with a Tiguan-like seating position.

That will be difficult because the focus was more on changes in appearance than performance. The even power delivery of the 200-hp four-cylinder is reminiscent of the previous top Juke model, whose 1.6-liter turbo already offers 190 hp. A variant with around 220 hp is due to arrive at the end of 2013. Until then, the performance will remain at the level of the 190 PS version. The steering is surprisingly direct, while the manual six-speed gearbox can be shifted precisely. The stiffer sports suspension is not annoying with extreme hardness, but does not allow too much body roll in swift country road bends in spite of the fact that it is suitable for everyday use.

Neverthelessthe Nissan Juke Nismo only makes it into short-term memory. At tuning meetings on Saturday evenings, he will not play the main character: Too little cult device for the young generation of Playstation, who otherwise idolize the uncompromising Nismo athletes on the console. Nismo President Miyatani is also amazingly honest. When asked about his favorite model, he answered openly: “Skyline R34 GT-R”.

Nismo high-flyer à la Godzilla

Perhaps a Nismo high-flyer à la Godzilla would have grabbed the fans' hearts faster than the Juke. They have now also come across the funnel with Nissan and Nismo. From summer 2013, an Nismo variant of the Nissan 370Z with 344 hp, aero package and fat rear wing at the start. Well, please, it works!

Visually, however, only the headlights of the 17 centimeter wider racing car are reminiscent of the street version presented in 2009. A carbon fiber monocoque is located under the three-part body with a rear wing that can be adjusted from the cockpit. The weight of the Nissan Leaf drops from 1,520 to just 938 kilos. As in the production version, the AC synchronous motor delivers an unchanged 109 hp and 280 Nm, but has been moved from the front to the center of the vehicle for better balance.

The rear-wheel drive car starts running with a quiet buzz but a crisp acceleration (road car with front-wheel drive). The sprint of the Nissan Leaf Nismo RC to 100 km /h should take 6.85 s (Vmax: 150 km /h). Thanks to the racing suspension, the electric racing car turns very directly. Driving fun, which, however, typically ends after around 20 minutes at racing speed due to the capacity of the lithium-ion battery.


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