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Nissan Juke-700R for sale: 340 euros per hp

There are only five versions of the latently insane Nissan Juke-R and maybe that's for the best. One of them is now for sale - the strongest.

The way this topic was discussed in our editorial conference illustrates the Juke-700R quite well. Opening question in the plenum: "Who would pay 240,000 euros for a Nissan Juke?" Outraged reply: "Listen! There's a tuned GT-R underneath." Comment from further back: "It would be better if there was also a GT-R on it." That would describe the light and shadow of this extremely rare special model quite impressively. Of course it has power – namely 700 (!) hp – but despite the aero and carbon parts it still looks like a first-generation Juke.

60 percent price drop

As a performance and adrenaline junkie, you could definitely ignore the shifted look. The 700R has more in common with the GT-R (R35) than "just" its twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6. The unequal siblings share the complete underbody (shortened in the Juke), the four-wheel drive, rims, brakes and the reinforced transmission. Four of the five cars built come from a cooperation between Nissan and RML Motorsport, Severn Valley Motorsport brought the fifth into shape on their own and that one is currently for sale at VDM Cars in Gronau, Westphalia. Incidentally, not for the first time and measured by the price at the time, the current offer is a real snapper. Two years ago, the speedometer read 20 kilometers and the price tag was more than a confident 650,000 euros. The ad does not show why the retailer is now charging more than 60 percent less. The car is still accident-free, no information is given about the mileage.,

The interior with its bucket seats, cage and fire extinguisher together with the GT-R steering wheel and instrumentation does not look worn in the pictures. Of course, such an outfitted Japan crossover is no longer suitable for everyday use, but that doesn't have to be a cause for frustration. In any case, this Juke lost its street legal status on its way to becoming a 700 hp monster. In return, it should undercut the driving performance of a conventional Juke R and it already storms to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds. Believe us - we have already driven it . There is evidence in the photo show.,


It's a bit crazy to plant genuine sports car innards in a small crossover. The car is rare, but for the same price you could also drive a Porsche 911 Turbo S. Just marginally.


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