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  • New Volvo XC40 (2018): driving report, data, price

New Volvo XC40 (2018): driving report, data, price

Volvo XC40 (2018): driving report, data, price
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So far, Volvo customers can if they are in the Want to have the compact class off-road, only for V 40 Cross Country take hold. With the change to the new modular CMA platform (Compact Modular Architecture), there will also be a real SUV among the compacts.

Swedish style also for the small SUV

T-shaped LED daytime running lights . Volvo calls this 'Thor's Hammer'

Visually, the new Volvo leans against XC40 then to the current design language of the Swedes. The grill is large and steep, the headlights protrude far into the fenders and carry the typical headlights with the T-shaped daytime running lights. The design of the rear of the new XC40 also leans heavily on the models XC60 and XC90 an.

The new platform not only allows additional body versions - the V40 and the C40 to come on the market - to build, but also infortainment, Driver assistance andSafety systems from the larger series can also be used. This is how the new Volvo XC40 receives it the Sensus infotainment system known from the larger models with the upright touchscreen in the center console. When it comes to driver assistance systems, the following are on board: 360 degree camera for easier parking, a cross traffic warning system with emergency brake assist, as well as a lane departure warning system and a lane departure warning system. Furthermore, the XC40 can drive semi-automatically and autonomously up to 130 km /h.

Volvo XC40 a 50 kW electric motor provided. The range of the Volvo XC40 T5 should then be around 50 kilometers with the 9.7 kWh battery. In addition to the new three-cylinder T3 entry-level petrol engine with 156 hp and front-wheel drive, the 190 hp T4 turbo petrol engine and the 150 hp D3 diesel engine are also available, both of which are also available with front-wheel or all-wheel drive.

Interior in typical Volvo style.

Inside, Volvo has its own style: If you switch from an XC90 or XC60, will find their way around, everyone else is allowed to get used to swiping, typing and scrolling on the central screen. The nine-inch touchscreen is standard, as is the 12.3-inch display for the instruments. The designers had a good idea for the door panel, which is partly made of felt. It's the same color as the carpet, so it's also available in orange. The soft material also prevents anything stowed in the door from rattling around. They even say a laptop can fit in the door compartment, they say at Volvo. In theThe center console has a small garbage can with a lid, the mobile phone charges inductively in front of the gearshift lever and there is a spacious compartment under the armrest.

Cool details in the interior

The cockpit looks clear, the materials look just as classy as in the larger Volvo models. At the same time, the XC looks less serious: embossed strips with an aluminum structure instead of wood look cool. If you want, you can also have rubber strips with an embossed city map of Gothenburg. The workmanship is spotless, the switches are well positioned.

The space is good for a 4.42 meter long SUV, here the 2.70 meter wheelbase is noticeable. Even tall adults have enough freedom of movement in front and in the back, they sit on firm cushions. Even the upward drawn window line in the rear door windows does not disturb the overview. The doors close tightly. The trunk has a volume of 460 to 1,360 liters, the rear seat backs fold to a flat level at the push of a button - this is where the Swedes' station wagon tradition is evident.

T5 and D4 with all-wheel drive were available for a first driving impression.

Correspondingly can convince both engines. The four-cylinder diesel engine in the D4 sounds a bit too pithy when stationary, but thanks to its 400 Nm it pushes powerfully, while the cultivated turbo gasoline engine in the T5 proves to be equally easy-turning as it is powerful. In addition, it is quietly mumbling in city traffic and over the country, more sonorous, but unchanged harmonious. If you like, you can flip through the aisles using the gearshift paddle on the steering wheel - it's not really necessary. Despite its considerable power (247 hp), the T5 is more of a peaceful cruiser thanan ambitious athlete. A torque of 350 Nm is already available at 1,800 tours. That should be enough for the vast majority of operations.

Comfortable chassis

The chassis is similarly balanced. Much more comfortably tuned than the often quite rough XC60 or XC90, it processes transverse joints and road damage in particular more gently and in no way bumpy. Even the R-Line models with sports suspension and large wheels, which can be twirled a lot faster through curves, are balanced and do not rumble on bad roads. In keeping with this, the Volvo leaves it with moderate agility. Its steering works precisely, but no longer disturbs the driving behavior with jagged maneuvers but stays pleasantly in the background.

The roof is available in black, white or body color and with a panoramic sliding roof.

Depending on the equipment, the roof is painted black, white or in the same color as the vehicle. The little one is big: At the start of the year, Momentum and R-Design are rolling forward on 18-inch wheels. Up to 20 inches are possible. Initially, Volvo will supply the two top models, the T5 AWD and D4 AWD. The petrol engine has 250 hp, the diesel 190 hp, all-wheel drive and automatic are each standard. For an extra charge of 1,520 euros, the Volvo drives semi-autonomously, the big brothers' assistance arsenal is also available here.

The prices are high at 46,100 euros (T5 AWD) and 44,800 euros (D4 AWD). The basic Kinetic model will be available in spring 2018: with a 154-hp three-cylinder, manual transmission and front-wheel drive, the entry-level price has dropped to 31,350 euros - the price level is closer to the Range Rover Evoque than the Audi Q3.

Production in the Belgian plant in Gent will start at the end of the year, with smaller engines and the T5 plug-in hybrid to follow in May 2018. A compact one will be based on CMA as well as an electric car with a range of 350 kilometers.

The XC40 is also launching 'Care by Volvo', a subscription model with fixed monthly rates and full service.

With the XC40, “Care by Volvo” is starting a new sales model in which customers do not buy or finance the car, but pay a fixed amount for a certain period of time, just like when renting them. The monthly rates include insurance, vehicle tax, maintenance and changing wheels. In addition, the customer gets a rental car when the car is in the workshop. He can also use a rental car for one week a year. With “Care by Volvo” the user can also lend his car to friends and relatives - for this type of private car sharing he sends a key to the borrower.

The monthly usage fee is currently between 699 and 899 euros for 24 months and 30,000 kilometers - depending on the model and equipment. The customer can book packages with more or less kilometers as well as a reduced deductible. The standard includes an excess of 1,000 euros per accident, the liability can be reduced to 500, 250 or 100. That costs between 75 and 150 euros per month. After the 24 months have expired, the user returns the car and can switch to a new model.

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