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New SUV registrations October 2018: VW back at the top

New SUV registrations October 2018
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E one month after the unusual crash, due to a short-term admission freeze of Models not yet certified according to the new WLTP cycle, the top dog VW Tiguan has regained its place in the sun. Even if the numbers are still eleven percent in the red compared to the same month last year, something is returning to normal among the Wolfsburgers.

69,597 off-road vehicles and SUVs were registered for the first time in Germany in October 2018, a slight plus of 2.9 percent compared to October 2018. In contrast, new registrations fell by a total of -7.4 percent (252,682 units). Why the SUV did not grow in the double-digit range, which has meanwhile become accustomed, is particularly evident from the midfield. And here, too, the view is once again in the direction of the Volkswagen Group.

New SUV registrations October 2018

Harsh losses for models that normally report four-digit sales figures every month can be observed here. Take the Audi Q2, for example, a drop of 76 percent compared to the same month last year, while the larger Q3 looks even more disastrous with a crash of 90 percent. At Porsche, the farewell to the diesel engine is having a huge impact. Take Cayenne, for example (-45 percent): two years ago the diesel share of luxury SUVs from Zuffenhausen was close to 90 percent.

Dino Eisele
Saying goodbye to diesel is causing significant losses for the Cayenne.

The Korean importers are also consolidating. In the previous month, the Hyundai Tucson surprisingly stormed to second place in the registration statistics, but the numbers halved in October. Instead, another Hyundai rushes forward: the brand's best-selling SUV in October was the Kona, which was its first full in 2018Celebrating sales year. However, another manufacturer is even more successful in the same size segment. The remodeled Ford Ecosport is increasingly becoming a bestseller and is gradually coming to terms with the brand's best-selling SUV, the Kuga.

At Alfa Romeo, the continued sales success of the Stelvio (the brand's best-selling model) ensures that the Alfa loss in October remains manageable, because the Giulia volume car model is currently experiencing a massive slump. At the sister company Jeep, on the other hand, everything is in the sun. With the recently revamped Cherokee, the entire lineup of the traditional brand has now been completely renovated, which is evident from the sales figures. Compass, Wrangler and Cherokee are celebrating growth of over 100 percent each, only the little Renegade is currently weakening a bit.

However, this month we are dedicating the whiz kid to a little Japanese. From 82nd place in the previous month, the new Suzuki Jimny dashes up 50 places. Understandably, there are still plenty of dealer approvals in the first month of sales, but we're guessing that the Jimny will hold its own in the top third of the table in the longer term.

Note: The approval statistics are official Information from the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg. The division into the respective classes is carried out by the manufacturer using a key number. The statistics can also show models that are not available on the German market or that are no longer being built. This peculiarity can occur with the KBA statistics if e.g. foreign vehicles are registered in Germany for the first time or vehicles have a new ID number. received.


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