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New Peugeot 2008 (2019): information, prices, market launch, pictures

New Peugeot 2008
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E ins Peugeot emphasizes again and again as its new motto: You just don't want to be boring. And so the French completely redrawn the 2008 - clearly as an SUV and no longer as a crossover. The total length is 4.30 meters, with the tall and long bonnet underlining the SUV character. The wheelbase measures 2.60 meters with all engines. The new, all-electric version differs only marginally from its burner siblings: with a front grille in the same color as the car and e-logos on the sides and rear. Speaking of pages: The x-shaped graphic in the door panels should come from the fact that you didn't want to be boring under any circumstances - smooth doors looked too good to the designers. Wheels up to 18 inches in size provide the small SUV with a bold, bold look. The engineers used a trick for the rims: plastic inserts lead to improved aerodynamics and save a total of four kilograms in weight compared to aluminum. The shiny black inserts cannot be seen as plastic parts.

Modern interior

Inside there are multi-colored seats and a modern cockpit, which Peugeot's marketing department calls i-Cockpit 3D. The steering wheel sits very low, as is now common with Peugeot - the driver looks over the steering wheel at the instruments. The infotainment screen, up to ten inches in size, is enthroned on the upper end of the center console. Underneath is a chic row of buttons with now finally an unmistakable hazard warning switch in the middle. The infotainment system is equipped with MirrorLink, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. For an additional charge, music lovers can order a high-end audio system from the French specialist Focal.

Uli Sonntag
The driver looks over the steering wheel at the instrument screen.

Both forthe first as well as the second row of seats Peugeot promises spaciousness - there should also be plenty of storage space under the center armrest. The center console now also has a compartment for inductive charging of suitable smartphones. There is also a USB-A and a USB-C socket at the front and two USB-A ports at the back. The trunk should always hold 434 liters of luggage, even with the electric version. The split-fold backrest of the rear seat can be folded down to form an almost level loading floor.

Current assistance systems

Peugeot is equipping the new 2008 with the latest assistance technology. There is a lane departure warning system as well as a lane departure warning system with which the driver can set where in the lane the 2008 is positioned. There is also an adaptive cruise control with stop & go function, a parking assistant for spaces that are only 60 centimeters longer than the car, and an emergency braking assistant with pedestrian detection between five and 140 km during the day and night /h available. In addition, there is a drowsiness warning, automatic high beam, traffic sign recognition and a blind spot warning.

Uli Sonntag
The purely electrically powered version of the 2008 can be recognized by its front grille painted in body color.

Gasoline, diesel and electricity

The new 2008 is available with gasoline and diesel engines as well as with a purely electric drive. Regardless of which drive the 2008 is equipped with: The driver can always choose between the driving levels Eco, Normal and Sport. For the sake of improved efficiency, all 2008 models have an aerodynamically optimized underbody. The electric motor of the e-2008 has an output of 100 kW (136 hp) and delivers a maximum torque of 260 Newton meters. The battery stowed in the underbody stores 50 kilowatt hours, which should be enough for a WLTP range of 310 kilometers. The strength of the energy recovery can be set between D and B using the selector lever. With D the e-2008 behaves similarly to a combustion engine, with B it brakes noticeably when the driver takes his foot off the 'accelerator'.

The charging times vary depending on what is available at the power sourcePower. On a WallBox with 7.4 or eleven kilowatts, full charging takes between 5:15 and eight hours; on a 100-kilowatt terminal, 80 percent of the charge is reached after 30 minutes. Delayed charging can be programmed using the infotainment system or smartphone app.

Uli Sonntag
At a 100-kilowatt charging station, charging up to 80 percent takes half an hour.

Especially for the electric version of the 2008, Peugeot will be offering three services from the market launch: Easy-Charge ensures optimized access to charging stations including the handling of energy costs. Easy-Move is intended to ensure the mobility of e-car drivers by making it possible to plan long journeys while taking the charging infrastructure into account. An expansion option offers the possibility of renting a combustion vehicle if the electric car can't go any further.

Modern combustion engines from 21,800 euros

All combustion engines of the new 2008 are according to the Euro 6 Standard certified. The performance spectrum ranges from 100 to 155 hp for the gasoline engines and from 100 to 130 hp for the diesels.

The new Peugeot 2008 is being rolled out at PSA Peugeot Citroën in Vigo, Spain, and for the Chinese market in Wuhan, China Tape. The Peugeot 2008 models can be ordered immediately. The 2008 is in the price list from 21,800 euros. The Peugeot e-2008 ksotet from 35,250 euros. 2019.

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