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New Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV with more than 600 hp

Mercedes continues to expand the range of AMG versions of its EQ models. After the EQS and the EQE in AMG trim, there will also be an EQE SUV from Affalterbach.

The civilian EQE SUV is on the product plan for 2023, and the AMG versions with the suffixes 43 and 53 will be added a short time later. Our Erlk├Ânig hunter has now shot down a prototype.

As a 53 with 687 boost hp

The model, on a test drive in the cold of Scandinavia, is a little different from the EQE SUV in civilian clothes. The carbon-ceramic brake system shimmers behind the AMG alloy wheels, the bumper features a spoiler lip and splitter, and the body is slightly lower. Still hidden under the camouflage, the larger Mercedes star and the front apron with chrome struts, while a diffuser and a larger spoiler are emblazoned at the rear. Various AMG logos all around indicate the performance version.

The model is on the EVA 2 platform, which it shares with the EQE sedan, among others. Since the AMG models all have the suffix "4-Matic", a permanently excited electric motor is used on both axles - together they form the all-wheel drive. In the Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV 43 4-Matic, both engines together deliver 476 hp, the battery has a capacity of 90.6 kWh and can be recharged with the fast charger with up to 170 kW. The EQE SUV with the 53 index has 626 hp and, with the boost function from the Dynamic Plus package, briefly achieves a total of 687 hp. Depending on the driving situation, the all-wheel drive system continuously distributes the engine power between the axles - depending on the selected driving mode.

Series model adapted by AMG

Of course, AMG sets its own standards for batteries and drives and gives the models a new inverter for higher engine speeds and more power. In addition, AMG has improved the cooling. For adequate negative acceleration, the Affalterbach-based company installed a ceramic brake behind the 21-inch alloy wheels, which roughly corresponds to that of the EQS.

For the interior, AMG plans heavily contoured partial leather seats with contrasting stitching and AMG logo. The driver grips a flat-bottomed leather steering wheel with aluminum paddles to control the level of recuperation. The driving mode dial and freely assignable function keys are located on the steering wheel spokes. There are also AMG-specific pedals, door sills and special floor mats.


With the EQE SUV, Mercedes will be launching an electric SUV from 2023 - analogous to the strategy for the EQS or the EQE sedan, there is also an AMG version of the electric SUV that was specially modified by the Affalterbach-based company to give customers that to offer the typical AMG feeling with an electric car.


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