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Mitsubishi Outlander driving report: weak brakes, good equipment

Dino Eisele
Mitsubishi Outlander driving report
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Mitsubishi Outlander with top equipment

S That's right, in terms of equipment the tested top version of the newly renovated Mitsubishi Outlander is really top: from LED headlights and navigation system to heated leather seats to glass sunroof and electric tailgate, it has many niceties that make life more pleasant and safer, but often make it around 10,000 euros more expensive for the competition. For example, for the all-inclusive Mitsubishi price at Audi, there is just a comparable Q5 2.0 TDI Quattro without these extras - and without the two retractable jump seats in the cargo area (141 to 1,613 l), which all Mitsubishi Outlanders with diesel engines have on board.

In addition to the 2.2 DI-D (150 PS), the 4.70-meter-long, spacious and solidly made Mitsubishi Outlander is also available as an equally powerful two-liter petrol engine (with front-wheel drive, five-speed gearbox and basic equipment for 23,990 euros) and as a plug-in -Hybrid (system output 203 hp, from 39,990 euros), but with its powerful torque (360 Nm) and the favorable NEDC consumption (5.8 l /100 km), the diesel is usually the best choice. However, the optional six-speed automatic noticeably dampens the temperament and increases the test consumption by 1.4 liters compared to an earlier model with six-speed gearshift, especially since the start-stop function is no longer available.

Weak point at Outlander: the brakes

On the other hand, the lower noise level due to additional insulation materials, thicker panes and new door seals as well as the more precise handling, because the chassis and steering now show less play and more feedback are positive. At the same time, the Mitsubishi Outlander remains true to its relaxed, comfortable nature, dispensing with any dynamic changes. Good thing, if only because its biggest weak point was not eliminated with the facelift and the braking deceleration significantly decreases with higher loads. Apart from the driver assistance package (1,400 euros), the rest of the safety precautions are also incomplete.

Even the adaptive all-wheel drive does not make up for this, which offers a real plus in traction in snow and wet, although the rear axle only does so when it is threatened Slip or by pressing a button. The five-year guarantee is more likely to succeed. The Mitsubishi Outlander is really great.


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