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Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer: Outlook on the next Outlander

Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer
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M it of the Engelberg Tourer study, Mitsubishi in Geneva is giving an outlook on an upcoming crossover SUV with plug-in hybrid drive, which is likely to be the successor to the Outlander. The name Engelberg is derived from the Engelberg ski resort in the canton of Obwalden in Central Switzerland.

E-drive with range extender

The Engelberg Tourer study is powered by a plug-in Hybrid drive based on the drive train of the current Outlander PHEV. In the Outlander, a 2.4-liter gasoline engine works together to drive a generator with two electric motors - one on each axle. This drive is said to have been further optimized for the Engelberg Tourer. The control of the all-wheel drive has also been further refined. The battery is still in the vehicle floor. The purely electric range is given as 70 kilometers. The total range should be around 700 kilometers. Like the Outlander, the Engelberg Tourer can charge bidirectionally and thus be integrated into networks.

Of course, networking also plays an important role in the Mitsubishi Engelbert Tourer. The drive and the charging process can be monitored using a smartphone. The infotainment offering is also networked. The navigation system, for example, not only bases its route calculations on map material, but also includes traffic and weather data.

Six-seater with a beefy appearance

The Engelberg looks good with a beefy front, C- shaped LED daytime running lights and extremely slim LED main headlights make a powerful appearance. The study carries additional LED headlights in a roof box on the delicately drawn greenhouse. The exterior mirrors have been replaced by camera systems. The elongated bonnet is followed by a flat windshield. The lower window line is emphasized by a strong chrome band. A spoiler extends the roofline above the rear window. The LED taillights wrap around the flanks in three dimensions.

In the interior there is space for four passengers on leather-covered individual seats, the third row of seats is designed as a two-seater bench. The model should come as a classic seven-seater in a later series version.


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