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Mitsubishi ASX (2023): Captur clone in the driving report

With the new ASX generation, things should go up again with Mitsubishi in Europe. This scores with a large variety of drives and a high-quality interior. How does the small crossover, which differs only minimally from the Renault Captur, drive?

Wait, you know him. That's right, the new Mitsubishi ASX of the second generation, which will be released in March, is a hardly changed twin of the Renault Captu r, which has already been available for three years. So Mitsubishi uses its French alliance partner. With the exception of the logos and the radiator grille, there are no visual differences on the outside. Mitsubishi is thus heralding its change of strategy, because in 2020 the manufacturer announced that it was withdrawing from Europe. In autumn, the small car Colt returns as a modified Renault Clio. Both serve as stopgap measures until the brand’s new electric cars appear in a few years. Germany is an important market for Mitsubishi, about half of the models sold in Europe are sold here.

Five-year guarantee and a leap in quality

Due to the new base, the new one is 4.23 meters 14 centimeters shorter and slightly lower than the previous model. First of all, what is probably the most important argument that the ASX can bring to the table compared to the original capture. Mitsubishi offers a five-year warranty with a mileage limit of 100,000 kilometers, while Renault only offers two years without a limit. From March, the ASX will be available from dealers for at least 24,690 euros, the French sister model will start around a thousand euros cheaper. In return, cruise control and LED daytime running lights are always part of the standard equipment in the Mitsubishi.

What else? In terms of properties, the ASX does not differ from the Renault. There is enough space for four adults, provided they are not taller than 1.80 meters. The high seating position favors the overview, in the interior the appealing material quality clearly surpasses that of the predecessor ASX. Also good: Operating the infotainment via the upright screen does not require studying the operating instructions. Wired CarPlay and Android Auto are standard equipment. In the luggage compartment fit 422 or 265 liters in the plug-in hybrid. Practical detail: the rear seat can be moved lengthways by 16 centimetres, increasing the loading space if necessary. On the outside of the luggage compartment lid, the unattractively protruding reversing camera catches the eye. On the Renault, this is covered by the logo.

Comfortable and electric in city traffic

At the front under the bonnet, all five different drives from the Captur are available for the crossover. One-litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with 91 hp and 1.3-litre four-cylinder turbocharged petrol mild hybrid with 140 hp appear in combination with a manual 6-speed gearbox.The latter is also available in a more powerful version with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and 158 hp. The two hybrid models are particularly efficient, a rarity in this class. Mitsubishi assumes that 40 percent of customers will opt for the full hybrid variant. This delivers 143 hp and combines a 94 hp petrol engine with a 49 hp electric motor. The top model is the plug-in hybrid with 159 hp system output. Mitsubishi only offers the PHEV in the highest equipment lines, hence the big price difference. Both have a multimode transmission with an integrated starter generator that works without a clutch and connects the petrol engine and the electric motor. With this technology, many distances can be covered electrically, especially in city traffic. Mitsubishi specifies an electric range of 49 kilometers for the PHEV. Switching between combustion and electric operation is hardly noticeable.

Unfortunately, the same applies to the low-feedback steering, which also lacks a bit of precision. The wide A-pillars also impair the field of vision in tight bends. However, the small crossover places more value on comfort than on agility and underlines this with its comfortable chassis tuning.

ASX or Capture? With this question, the proximity and the service of the dealer can make the decision easier. Or the Mitsubishi's five-year warranty. Renault offers two years.


Mitsubishi has chosen a good basis for the ASX: a large variety of drive systems including two hybrids, a valuable and variable interior and, last but not least, a five-year guarantee are convincing arguments.


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