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Mercedes X-Class 6x6 pickup design

Mercedes X-Class 6x6 Pickup Design
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Carlex Design from Poland is primarily specialized in interior refinements and add-on parts for extravagant appearances, with the subsidiary Pickup - Unsurprisingly, given the name, they take care of: pickups. With body kits you can customize the popular models on the European market more or less stylishly - Hilux, Amarok, L200, Navara and also the new M ercedes X-Class.

Pickup-Design found it particularly difficult for the latter, because with the “Exy Monster X-Concept” the Poles are already presenting the second three-axle design study based on the Mercedes model. Because the X-Class with extremely evil eye currently only exists as a computer model, Pickup Design can draw on the full range of ideas. All body parts should be made of carbon fiber plastic.

X-Class 6x6 by Pickup-Design

The front with the huge cooling air inlets is garnished with a rope winch, which, given the low-profile Road tires confused for a short time. Said rubbers are housed in wheelhouses that have been widened twice: In addition to the flared fenders, other covers are installed. A light strip on the cabin roof ensures that it is difficult to overlook the black three-axle vehicle, even at night.

As a contrast to the standard black, the brake calipers and the loading area are painted in bright yellow. A circumferential bracket in Batmobile look frames the platform, which is closed off by an interesting spoiler on the tailgate. Ease of loading was not at the top of the designer’s specification sheet, maybe that's why another winch is installed on the platform. The tailgate itself is designed as a stylized 'X'.

The last 6x6 draft by Pickup-Design was clearly more off-road.

The 'Exy Monster X Concept' is not the first Mercedes 6x6 draft from Pickup Design. In October the designers had already presented a three-axle concept in which individual details such as the loading area bracket, the tailgate and the extensions were already used. However, the design at the time was intended more for off-road enthusiasts and was traveling on appropriately large-tread rubber.


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