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Mercedes ML 63 AMG. M for Monster - the over-ML in the driving report

Mercedes ML 63 AMG 2012
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This story could actually be over after a few sentences. Four seven to one hundred. Graciously curtailed at twenty-five. 109,000 euros acquisition price. That's the new ML 63 AMG - period.

D That would, however, be a bit unfair to the car. Because it would come across as if someone had just packed a large engine into an innocent family car and hoped that it would rock very badly. But in reality the whole package was touched, every adjustment screw turned and fine-tuned. The new Mercedes M-Class has already received plenty of praise, including from us. Coherent concept, great chassis, plenty of space inside, very quiet to the passengers and a huge drop in consumption. Originally everything is also true for the new ML 63 AMG.

Mercedes ML 63 AMG - economical?

And let's start with the consumption. 11.8 liters in NEDC mode, that's quite something, but in terms of real life for a biturbo V8, of course, extremely utopian. Or? The on-board computer of the new power SUV reported after a sometimes quite ambitious trip through the Californian hinterland, mountains up, mountains down, in the curve more quickly than sightseeing, an average of 12.4 liters. Hats off! If there is no on-board computer tuning by the manufacturer, we are very curious about the real values ​​in German traffic.

There will be two versions of the ML 63 AMG: the standard version with a pleasant 525 PS /700 Nm and the version with a performance package that we used for the first test drives. The 760 Newton meters fall over the seven-speed automatic transmission and the power peak is 32 hp higher. These 557 hp are certainly not without a mischievous wink towards Munich in the technical data, because the arch-rival packs two hp less in the X5 M. The extra shovel of power is to be paid for 7,021 euros, 108,885 costs the Mercedes ML 63 AMG in the 'basic version '. After all, it already has leather sports seats and a sunroof, can (and of course will) be refined in a variety of ways for an extra charge.

Mercedes ML 63 AMG - the most powerful SUV in Germany

In contrast to the previous model the 63 at the rear is just empty phrases. The new power engine has more power than the previous 6.2-liter V8, but it generates it from 'only' 5.5 liters of displacement -Thanks to double turbo. However, on a level that amazes. The torrent of torque comes right from idle speed when the foot is lowered even slightly. One of the few cars that you could probably start in fifth gear without losing any appreciable time to all the hectic displacement dwarfs out there.

The highlight is that the Mercedes ML 63 AMG can be driven very relaxed. In everyday business, the eight-cylinder gurgles up and down the country with rarely more than 1,500 tours. The automatic flips through the gears imperceptibly and lets the at least 2.3 ton ML surf the torque wave as relaxed as if it were pumping valerian instead of gasoline through the injection valves. Then you don't have to be embarrassed to operate the adjustable sports suspension in comfort mode (with considerable comfort), after all, even the background noise in this operating mode is more cozy than crazy.

With all this love-and -peace cordiality is over in fractions of a second when the accelerator pedal is at the stop, it suddenly roars in front and roars behind, the ML 63 rears up and strikes back to thunder. It is rather unreal the force with which the eight-cylinder pounds the automatic and catapults the chunk towards the horizon. Now switching the chassis to the first of the two sport modes is a good idea, the rest is done by the rear-heavy (40:60) designed all-wheel drive system and the active stabilizers for roll suppression. Because the 557 HP push pretty much is obvious. The real surprise is that you can move the rumbling and trembling bolide fairly quickly through winding terrain. The precise steering is particularly appealing, but not always the automatic system, which surprises with unexpected small load changes.


The race car operation was a success in any case and only really makes it clear what balancing act Mercedes has now mastered with the M-Class. From the eco-saver ML 250 CDI to the six-cylinder with off-road package, which can certainly scramble up to this latest cannon blow, an amazing range has grown. We can already look forward to the first meeting with the BMW X5 M. Perhaps the Cayenne Turbo will also stop by ...


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