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Mercedes GLK 250 Bluetec 4-Matic in the test

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Mercedes GLK 250 Bluetec 4-Matic in the test
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M sometimes it isn't It's good when you do something differently, just for the sake of doing it differently. This not only applies to national soccer teams, but also to the design of a car.

In principle, it was certainly a good idea that Mercedes from which GLK has made an edgy, bitter character. Quasi the David Coulthard of the SUV as a counterpoint to the sucked-in Audi Q5 and the more pseudo-sporty BMW X3. Such an iconic look with an original Tabac bouquet has also worked splendidly in the G-Class for 33 years.

With the Mercedes GLK but this was less popular, the ways of the SUV buyer are sometimes unfathomable. In 2011, the GLK made it in Germany with 14,062 units only in third place behind Q5 (21,742) and the clear class winner X3 (33,480), which is also a design comment in the vainest of all car classes. Because SUVs are almost never bought because you really need what they can, but because they look like they can.

Mercedes GLK now with more shine

So Mercedes has it The sheet metal and interior of the GLK were toxed for better customer acceptance. Certainly a pleasure for chief designer Gorden Wagener, the master of the proper-casual swing, smoothing the folds of the star SUV at the front and rear and giving the lamps softer shapes. There is also a playful chrome underbody protection bib, as a sign of more shine in the GLK existence.

There's even more going on inside. A mighty, naturally curved board made of either wood or aluminum spans the entire dashboard and surrounds imposing round nozzles. It looks more modern, also because a color display in the instrument panel and cool ambient lighting (both optional) now provide a trendy light show.

204 PS -Diesel fits perfectly with the GLK

The technology had to be refined less. Even in the first individual test, auto motor und sport praised comfort, driving behavior, all-round visibility and simplicity and only quarreled with the V6 engine in the GLK 280. Despite 231 hp, a six-cylinder teat construction with rather unbridled drinking habits, which is probably not a big one for Americans Pose a problem -History.

In Europe, however, the few petrol SUVs can be counted on a few hands. The current range of engines includes four diesels and one gasoline engine, which also has 306 hp.

The current test is therefore the register-charged oil burner all-purpose weapon from Mercedes, the 2.1-liter OM651 in the top version 250 Bluetec with 204 PS and 500 Nm. Although he will probably never become a really cultivated lad and he is half a second late from the factory specification (eight seconds) from zero to 100 km /h due to the high weight of the GLK (1,980 kg), he fits the Mercedes GLK perfectly.

Mercedes GLK 250 Bluetec achieves EU6 emissions standard

Even with a full load of half a ton, confident pulling power, discreet start-stop manners and 6.4 (cautiously driven) to speak 8.9 liters (faster) per 100 kilometers of moderate diesel consumption for him. The small Ad Blue chemical plant for nitrogen oxide reduction is always on board the 250. This means that it meets the EU6 emissions standard, which will only become tax-relevant from 2014.

The new position of the selector lever on the steering wheel for the perfectly functioning 7G-tronic takes a bit of getting used to. And the fact that Mercedes could place the multimedia socket more ergonomically than on the center tunnel and finally bury the lame radio station list of the modernized multimedia system.

If you want it to be more dynamic, you just have to drive because the Swabian all-wheel climber snakes its way not only talented through the shell game of the auto motor und sport driving dynamics tests. His relaxed and sporty manner, with which he circles around with low stagger and electromechanically controlled, is particularly impressive on winding country roads. Those who overdo it will be unequivocally curbed by the strict ESP.

Top values ​​in terms of safety

The fact that Mercedes does not save GLK (quite un-Swabian) on the chassis can also be seen from the fact that the dampers react sensitively to small waves. The bottom only lifts for a short moment from the sports seats, which are very comfortable, especially on long journeys, on hard transverse joints in the motorway. Just as traveling with him is a great pleasure in general, because once in the river, he is pleasantly restrained when it comes to interior noises. The measuring device shows only 68 decibels at 130 km /h.

It also signals top values ​​in terms of safety. Regardless of whether with cold or warm brake discs and loaded or unloaded, the Mercedes GLK always decelerates below 36 meters from 100 km /h. The optional active safety program drives almost the entire assistance armada, unfortunately without the recommended emergency brake assistant (CPA), which is standard in the new A- and B-Class. That should be in there for 46,143 euros base price.

Otherwise, the facelifted Mercedes GLKstill a successful car. Let's see if his otherness is now perfectly dosed.


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