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Mercedes GLE Coupé: top car tuning in Jurassic Park style

Mercedes GLE Coupé Tuning
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M ercedes and the “Jurassic Park” film series: this is now a combination rich in tradition. In 1997, in the second part, Daimler presented the then new ML-Class SUV to a large film audience for the first time. Mercedes models were also always present in the most recent “Jurassic World” films: Whether the Unimog, G-Class, Sprinter or the GLE Coupé - the star made a few appearances.

TopCar Design
The Inferno 4x4 * 2 from TopCar based on the Mercedes GLE Coupé is not yet completely finished.

Mercedes GLE Coupé as Inferno 4x4 * 2

The third part of the 'Jurassic World' trilogy is coming In theaters in 2021. We do not yet know whether Mercedes will secure prominent appearances in it again. If so, Top-Car could already have the right car on offer: The Russian tuner is currently building a GLE Coupé that - if it is finished soon - would easily get in the way of even the most aggressive dinosaurs.

A sketch of the now somewhat cumbersome Inferno 4x4 * 2 SUV coupé shows the direction in which the conversion is going visually. And the accompanying photos illustrate the point at which the Top-Car project has now reached. The Russians have given the front section an additional bumper, to which a cow catcher and winch are attached that protrude far forward. Underneath is a color-coded underrun protection. What is still missing are the additional lights in the grille. Those in the front apron and next to the winch are already installed; they come from the specialist KC.

A little more subtle than originally planned

The finished car will probably look a little tamer from the sketched one. Neither the flared fenders nor the rocker panels seem to be as severe as planned; has the side fake air inletsTop car obviously also deleted. The roof rack with front-facing LED floodlights is also much more subtle. The originally favored six-spoke wheel design gives way to a cross-spoke look with a beadlock ring, which prevents the coarse-tread off-road tires from twisting and slipping. To ensure that the wheels fit into the wheel arches at all, Top-Car raises the body of the GLE Coupé significantly using a lift kit.

At the rear, Top-Car installs a frame to which a spare wheel is attached. It looks like it could be turned to the left; a good idea, after all, the tailgate must still be able to open and close. Another underrun protection is located in the jagged rear apron. In addition, there are enough holes through which the tailpipes of an exhaust system that is sure to have a powerful sound can look out.


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