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Mercedes GLE 250d and 500e driving report

Mercedes GLE 250d and 500e in the driving report
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S later in the day it will apply, with a Mercedes GLE to climb an incline of 80 percent and cross a bridge that consists of two wobbly boards. So that there are no doubts about the off-road suitability of this car, which started as ML and is now called GLE.

Mercedes GLE now also with rear-wheel drive

But even the tough off-roaders are slowly getting on their feet off - and less and less the road. The Mercedes GLE is now primarily about efficiency. This is why Mercedes is now also offering the GLE without all-wheel drive - in the basic version 250d (53,967 euros), which then only blows 140 g CO2 /km, which is important for fleet managers. For the rest of us, we prefer to count on the 5.4 l diesel /100 km that the first and so far only rear-wheel drive GLE should consume.

Mercedes GLE 500e with 30 km electric range

Less, namely officially 3.3 liter super /100 km is only possible with the Mercedes GLE 500e (73,899 euros), the plug-in hybrid. The 333 hp V6 turbo gasoline engine cooperates with an 85 kW electric motor (442 hp system output). It gets its power from an 8.7 kWh battery, which fully packs the trunk, but is supposed to provide energy for 30 purely electrically operated kilometers.

On the first trip, it even exceeded that. The electric motor alone is sufficient for propulsion up to 120 km /h. If he loses the power, the V6 switches on gently, but sometimes grumbles a little bit rough at speeds just over 1000 rpm. Everything is rather cozy in the 500e, which teaches you to drive calmly while remaining quiet and comfortable. The seven-speed automatic also shifts gently through the gears, actually more gently than the new nine-speed automatic that we now drive in the Mercedes GLE 250d 4 Matic.

9-speed automatic in the Mercedes GLE 250d

This lowers the consumption and noise level of the 2.1-liter four-cylinder with a wide spread and tight gear jumps. But in her partnership with the little diesel, she constantly worries about its pulling power, constantly digs out other gears, lets the diesel engine turn awkwardly when it is better to press with torque.

That doesn't really fit the character of the Mercedes GLE, which actually differs only very slightly from the old ML. It has become a little more comfortable in the comfort mode of the adaptive dampers and a little sportier in - you guessed it - sport mode. Itthere are now further safety extras right up to the heated windscreen wiper system. In addition, they have fitted the controls from the S-Class into the cockpit.

Mercedes GLE still spacious

But with its unchanged enormous space and luggage potential, as well as known engines, Mercedes' remains larger SUV with another name what it has always been as ML: a well-known SUV.


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