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Mercedes GLC Coupé first ride in an SUV Coupé (2016)

Mitfahrt Mercedes GLC 300 4Matic Coupé
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I I'm standing in front of gate 8 of the Daimler- Factory in Sindelfingen. Here at the Center of Excellence, well-heeled customers usually receive their new Maybach, I am waiting here for an even more exclusive car, at least now: the new Mercedes GLC Coupé.

It rolls up in a light camouflage dress, although it is already in will be officially unveiled in New York next week. The black camouflage circles on the front, rear and parts of the sideline hardly obscure the exact position of the air inlets and headlights, nor the final shape at all. It largely corresponds to the study that debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2015: The GLC Coupé looks like a shrunk GLE Coupé.

K. Tschovikov
The GLC Coupé only shows its star in the radiator grille at the New York Auto Show.

Mercedes GLC Coupé: Crisp SUV rear

On the not very serious question of whether you could just remove the film, I still only get a friendly grin. It comes from Ullrich Zillmann, the man who was significantly involved in the development of the GLC Coupé. He explains to me the specifics of the project, internally known as X253. The rear is significantly more expansive than on the GLC sister model - the Coupé has increased its length by a total of 8 centimeters. The rear bumper and loading sill have clearly moved upwards. In conjunction with the narrow rear window and curved exhaust trims, the rear part looks so extremely beefy.

The 20-inch multi-spoke wheels with masked AMG insignia do the rest of the stately appearance of the GLC Coupé. They are part of the Edition 1 package, which includes numerous extras. The four-door comes on the front axlewith 255 tires. So that the 285 tires fit under the fenders at the back, they are subtly widened with small flaps.

This is what the GLC Coupé feels like

But today it is less about the shape, but more about it about driving. So into the GLC Coupé and off to the acceptance test. Ulrich Zillmann is at the wheel of the tour through the Black Forest. Right from the start, the compact SUV has to endure the mogul slope in front of the factory premises. The Erlkönig does not show any nakedness, nothing cracks or creaks.

On the winding but well-developed country roads, Zillmann praises the steering of the compact SUV, which is 15.2 more directly translated. Of course, you hardly notice it from the passenger seat. But we can experience the GLC Coupé for ourselves in June at the earliest. You can feel the new optional steel chassis with adaptive damping, which is initially reserved for the coupé. The Dynamic-Bodycontrol has the four well-known drive levels: Eco, Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus, which are selected via the Dynamic-Select roller on the center console.

Zillmann switches to Sport Plus. In this mode, the four-door coupé wags noticeably more agile than the normal GLC without adaptive suspension around the Black Forest switchbacks. The brisk curve chasing is accompanied by the subtle popping of the flap exhaust, which is subject to a surcharge. In comfort mode it is much more dignified. Nevertheless, 15 millimeters less spring travel than in the hatchback GLC ensure noticeably harder rolling. This way, short bumps always find their way to the backbone of the passenger. The Coupé feels much less SUV-like than the normal GLC, although the height of 1.60 meters is only four centimeters less.

Beefy rear section with a high spoiler lip.

Enough space in the rear

And the rear? Access is pleasantly easy. You just have to retract your head a little so as not to hit the massive C-pillar. In return, I sit surprisingly comfortably on the well-contoured back seat. The legs have enough space and no one up to 1.80 meters tall can bump their head against the black headliner. This is ensured by the rear seat, which has been set five centimeters lower.

“It will be a panoramic glass roof for thatMercedes GLC Coupé would not have given because that would have come into conflict with the elongated tailgate, ”explains Zillmann. In addition, the headroom gained would then be gone. The trunk volume cannot benefit from the increase in length. In addition, the high loading sill and the flat roof line prevent convenient loading. The GLC Coupé has a surprisingly deep double loading floor.

The interior of Edition 1 features bi-color seats and carbon elements.

Mercedes GLC Coupé: With more engine variants

The four-cylinder in the GLC 300 has an output of 245 hp and, with a good 1.8 tons, has easy play, 370 Newton meters push it effortlessly SUV coupe. Mercedes expects the two-liter turbo engine to sell well, especially in China and the USA. In Germany, on the other hand, the GLC 220d will probably be the most popular unit.

At the end of the year, the Swabians are still pushing the six-cylinder diesel (350d) with 258 hp and a full 620 Newton meters of torque known from the E-Class after. In addition, there will also be the hybrid variant 350e, known from its sister model, with 211 combustion hp plus 115 hp from an electric motor for the coupé. For the time being, the sporty locking tip marks the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupé with V6 bi-turbo and 367 hp.

The familiar 9-speed automatic shifts for all engines. Mercedes also consistently relies on the 4Matic all-wheel drive. The entry-level version GLC 200 (184 hp) with rear-wheel drive and six-speed manual transmission will not be available until the end of the year.

Those responsible are not yet allowed to comment on prices. If you expect a premium of 1500 to 2000 euros compared to the normal GLC, you shouldn't be too wrong.


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