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Mercedes GLC 350 e in the driving report

Jan Mayor
Mercedes GLC 350 e in the driving report
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B didn't get on your nerves' is the motto of the haptic Accelerator pedal: We are just approaching a slower man in front when the accelerator briefly jerks twice. That means: We can take off the gas, our momentum is enough to catch up. We fade out the subtle impulses after getting used to it and intuitively take our foot off the accelerator. Which is much more efficient than braking a few seconds later.

In general, the Mercedes GLC 350 e does not want to burden us with the concentrated technology of its double drive. We therefore switch to 'hybrid' and leave it to the control center in which situations the electric motor in the gearbox provides the propulsion and when the four-cylinder gasoline engine. The 211 hp combustion engine is surprisingly often enough, in many cases the 85 kW of the E-motors: when driving in the city as well as when rolling comfortably and quietly on the country road. During the kick-down, both machines work hard and lift the 2.1-ton truck to 100 km /h in six seconds.

GLC 350 e with low electric range

Based on the average German driving profile with many short journeys, this results in a consumption of 4 , 8 liters of fuel and 15 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. The prerequisite is regular recharging of the battery, which in the test allowed an electric range of 21 km. With an empty battery, the GLC 350 e's gasoline consumption was 7.7 to 13 l /100 km - each according to driving style If you recharge consistently, the GLC 250 d is more economical (minimum 5.7 l /100 km).

Otherwise, the differences to the conventional GLC are limited: the GLC 350 e's trunk volume is reduced by the battery around 200 liters, in pure E-mode there is hardly any heating output. In addition, the wet clutch used instead of a torque converter jerks every now and then when the driver suddenly accelerates strongly.

Mercedes GLC 350 e at the usual high level

Space, suspension comfort and processing quality in the Mercedes GLC 350 e, on the other hand, are at the usual high level. In addition, the plug-in version of the relaxed GLC impresses with its consistent noise insulation, thanks to which the four-cylinder never comes into the foreground. Mercedes will not announce the price of the part-time electrician until shortly before sales start in the first quarter of 2016.


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