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Mercedes GLB 220 d 4Matic in the test

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Mercedes GLB 220 d 4Matic in the test
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B e fashion is worth it to leave the funny curiosities to the hipsters and to wait for the sensible essence of the new trend before buying. This also applies to car models - if you wait, you don't run the risk of prematurely having a funny car curiosity under your own carport.

Anyone who has consciously or unconsciously hesitated with their SUV orientation until Mercedes now brought the GLB, which fortunately has many wrong ones Decision options left behind. Because the new one is box-shaped and thus stands out pleasantly from the standard look of many compact SUVs, which almost uniformly rely on the recipe for beefy, high-set, low-roof body. In other words, the GLB is committed to practical use and does not pant for dubious coolness like others.

That fits much better into our time, after all, SUVs in the compact class are gradually taking over the legacy of the ailing family vans. Which is why the GLB is logical thanks to its angular layout not only offers an unusually good overview, but also an enormously large trunk. With the backrests folded down, a loading compartment with a volume of 1,800 liters is created. Row two can also be moved in length, and the angle of the backrests can be adjusted - for better seating comfort. Also worth mentioning are the large compartment under the loading floor and the passenger seat back, which can be folded down for an extra charge.

Available as a seven-seater for an extra charge

Hans-Dieter Seufert Third row of seats For 1,321 euros the GLB has seven seats.

You should also not forget the option to be able to configure the Mercedes as a seven-seater; the two jump seats cost 1,321 euros extra. By the way, you can draw on full potential when it comes to safety equipment: Almost everything that can be ordered in the compact class is available here.

One of the offers in the new car world at Mercedes is the so-called touchpad. It sits within easy reach on the center tunnel and can be operated in a similar way to a smartphone; which, by the way, also applies to the middle display. Both turn out to be a bit fiddly, but the very intelligent voice control of the GLB turns out to be a clever operating alternative. This makes it very easy to formulate commands verbally and the system executes them promptly. Just as the SUV generally recalls the virtues typical of the brand and allows its passengers the maximum possible comfort. Here, too, it is completely Mercedes.

The GLB, equipped with adjustable dampers, fluffily overcomes unevenness, keeps its structure well under control and hardly bobs even on long bumps. It feels like sitting in one of the sovereign sedans with the star on the grille. The four-cylinder diesel engine tested here, with an output of 190 hp and a maximum torque of 400 Nm, matches the sovereignty of the chassis.

High payload values ​​lush torque

Hans-Dieter Seufert
He pushes very hard Two-liter diesel. It can lift up to 400 Nm.

Only at first glance does that seem excessive; but already unloaded the GLB weighs 1.8 tons. So if you are busy loading or hooking a trailer on the optional hook, you will be pleased with the torque luxury. In the test average, the 220 d manages with 7.3 l /100 km.

You should have long since thought that what is offered here is not available for little money. And in fact, the GLB is completely Mercedes when it comes to pricing. On the other hand, the company slogan 'The best or nothing' does not promise a discount. Because the SUV comes very close to this advertising promise: It is underthe compact SUV is a really big hit. Not hip, just great.


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