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Mercedes G500 4X4²: Safari convertible with 850 PS by Jon Olsson

Safari convertible with 850 HP by Jon Olsson
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J on Olsson is a man who addresses the everyday little problems. He recognizes them and tackles a solution straight away. A very understandable example, taken from the middle of life: You own a Mercedes G500 4X4² and your garage is not big enough for this car. The average high earner may despair of this fact. He contacts his favorite architect directly and discusses in meetings for months whether the roof should be raised or the floor should be excavated. And what does a Jon Olsson do? Right, he picks up the Flex and quickly chops the roof off the G-Class.

Roof off, roof on

Youtube Screenshot /Jon Olsson
Okay, the part now fits in the garage. But when it rains, not having a roof is a bit uncomfortable.

Of course, such a well-considered intervention also creates unexpected problems. For example: rain. But even for such whims of nature, our automotive jack-of-all-trades has an innovative plan up their sleeve: a roof. And so an innocent Mercedes G500 4X4² became the 'Lord Hans' safari convertible. A vehicle with such a title should move as far as possible from the standard condition - aristocracy obliges. That's why Olsson sent it to the tuning company DTMobility, where your uniqueness was allowed to stroll from the yard strengthened to 850 hp.

For the extra power, a hybrid turbo kit was installed and an intake, downpipe, exhaust system and cooling adjusted. Teak wood provides a touch of maritime flair, a minibar for a touch of gin in the air. Because the fabric roof is now flatter, the interior has also been lowered and the seating position has been moved to a lower level with new chairs. Visually are next tothe white foiling has other corresponding accents such as the white straps or the surrounds of the instruments. This design takes up the design of Jon Olsson's clothing brand 'c'est normal'. Well, just this G-Class - it's anything but normal.


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