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Mercedes G500 4x4² Mansory: Carbon monster in the driving report

Mansory Gronos Black Desert Mercedes G500 4x4²
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The tailpipes turned to the stern. Of course, that doesn't detract from the brutal V8 sound in the slightest.

But the Mansory Gronos Black Desert is not only supposed to look bold. Thanks to the new engine management and a sports exhaust system, the four-liter twin-turbo V8 has been boosted by 63 hp and 100 Nm. The production model G500 4x4 has 422 hp and 610 Nm torque. Of course, the Mansory is on special forged wheels and the interior has been completely redesigned. The dashboard was redesigned and the rear bench was replaced by individual seats. Come here tooDiverse use of carbon parts. At the front, the tuners installed a sports steering wheel with integrated carbon inlays and aluminum pedals. The interior was also covered with leather and fine carbon fabric. Logos, stitching and leather embroidered in the vehicle color round off the finishing package. A special gadget: an automatically extending step that is supposed to facilitate entry and is jokingly referred to by Mansory as 'Stairway to Heaven'. Well, if that doesn't sound inviting. So: get in, please.

The Mansory 4x4² in the driving report

First thought: Damn it the high. The Mansory Gronos Black Desert juts out of the road like a black rock. Second thought: How nice that when you open the footboards extend to make it easier to get in or, better, ascent. At least you don't need any climbing equipment. As you would expect from Mansory, all add-on parts are carbonized. The remaining body parts and the aluminum rims are covered by a black paint with a leather-like surface structure. In contrast, the red-black leather-carbon orgy in the interior is almost subtle.

The first few meters on public roads feel strange; you are practically at eye level with truck drivers. The fact that the Gronos is just as wide as a 40-ton truck because of the wide-body kit doesn't make circling easier. It is encouraging, however, that the Mansory conversion in curves hardly wobbles more than a normal G-Class. Thanks to the optimization of the map and the high-throughput exhaust system, the standard four-liter V8 biturbo is boosted by 63 hp and 100 Nm. Three differentials - one at the front, one at the rear and one as a central transfer case with active locks - distribute the 710 Nm to where it is needed. Thanks to the portal axles of the Unimog, even large boulders are no serious obstacle for the three-ton colossus. Only the price seems insurmountable: Mansory practically demands the base price of the 4x4² for tuning. Total price: 464,100 euros.

In our picture gallery we show you what else Mansory can do with the iconic SUV from Mercedes.


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