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Mercedes G 400 d in the test: diesel is the sensible option

Diesel drive - seriously? But it's … above all efficient. What else should the G-Class drive with? Test.

Well, if you told him what the new Mercedes G can do - his predecessor should just open the headlights in amazement: he circles around corners without panicking for the ESP. He steers without play. He takes bumps without leapfrogs. He dashes at a brisk pace without a din. And with the torque surge of the three-liter diesel in the 400-d version, the chunk pushes on unstoppably, snorting along on the test average of twelve liters per 100 kilometers.

Dirt shoes? Don't!

The new one won almost everywhere compared to its predecessor - almost. Because the G-Class only drives theoretically, but not practically through thick and thin. Even the vegetation along the edges of a normal forest path comes so close to the wide-body off-road vehicle that the branches scratch the paintwork.


No, you don't want to expect the wilderness adventure of this G anymore. You don't even want to put yourself through it when you stand in front of the monster with its posh leather carpet lining after a hike through the field, forest and meadows with dirty shoes.

It may also be possible to switch on three different configurations of locks as well as a reduction gear: not much more than the rattling of the doors has remained of the original shirt-sleeves. And the loud locking lock when driving off. And of course the angular design with the distinctive wheel arches.

Representation vehicle instead of off-road vehicle


You have to write it very clearly: The G-Class lost itself and then recreated itself: as a city vehicle for the wealthy (under 109,296 euros you can only expect the pitying look of the seller). As an Instagram star cut. Maybe also as a towing vehicle for the small yacht. And as a representation car - at least that's how it is used by the cultural worker postulating world-saving thoughts, whom the author of these lines recently met in the brand new G.

Result of an unrepresentative short-term observation: There is currently hardly a car in which one could act out the urge to be seen more effectively. However, the Jäger-Förster-Nursery owner, who drove a G in the "long time ago", has turned to models that aren't too good for digging through the dirt.

Because the Mercedes G 400 d belongs on the well-developed road. And there it is probably the most recommendable version of a G model that has ever been on asphalt.


The new G can do everything better than before. Except adventure; it's too wide for that, too chic. It is sensible to drive it as a diesel – yes, as a diesel.


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