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Mercedes EQE SUV (2023): All the details

Mercedes will bring the EQE SUV as the little brother of the EQS SUV in 2023. Prices start at 86,811 euros. At the start of ordering, however, there is initially only the EQE 43 4Matic AMG from around 125,000 euros.

Not a few Mercedes fans in this country will have been waiting for this car: After the mighty EQS SUV with an exterior length of 5.12 meters, which feels much more comfortable on US highways than in a southern European old town, now comes the more compact electric SUV variant EQE SUV. Significantly more compact means: even compared to the EQE sedan, on which the SUV version is based, a few centimeters have been cut. Nine centimeters less wheelbase (3,030 millimeters in total) and almost ten centimeters less overall length (4,863 millimeters, therefore also less than the GLE) ensure less stress in the parking garage, although the car's overall presence is of course anything but dainty.

Visually, the relationship to the EQS SUV is unmistakable. The family ties are recognizable both from the front with the characteristic large decorative surface of the EQ models, which visually simulates a radiator grille, and from the rear with the illuminated graphic that curves across the entire tailgate. This goes all the way to the decorative panels in the rear apron, reminiscent of old exhaust times, whose number of transverse ribs will allow car nerds to distinguish the normal EQE SUV from the AMG variants in the future: two are standard, three are AMG.

Two AMG versions are coming

Because, like the EQE sedan, there will also be two AMG variants of the EQE SUV, while the standard versions are buzzing to dealers as the 350+, 350 4Matic and 500 4Matic. Let's start below. At the beginning of the food chain is the EQE 350+ with 215 kW, 565 Nm and rear-wheel drive. The 4Matic model has the same system performance with an additional electric motor on the front axle, where the system torque increases from 565 to 765 Newton meters. Always with four-wheel drive from two electric motors, the EQE SUV 500 4Matic delivers a system output of 300 kW, the maximum torque is 858 Nm.

From zero to 100 in 3.5 seconds

With the AMG label in the hood, the AMG EQE SUV 43 4Matic and AMG EQE SUV 53 4Matic models mark the top level of the series. The 43 will already provide decent propulsion with 350 kW of power and 858 Nm, in the 53 model the afterburner can be ignited on request. The standard there is 460 kW and 950 Nm, with the optional AMG Dynamic Plus package a little more is added: A "Race Start Mode" is then available there, with which the maximum output is briefly increased to 687 hp and the maximum torque to a smooth 1,000 Newton meters is raised. Mercedes has already announced a zero hundred value for this maximum variant, which should be 3.5 seconds. The Dynamic Plus package also increases the approved maximum speed from 220 to 240 km/h.Special electric motors with more powerful technology are installed for the AMG variants.

The basic versions of the EQE SUV are equipped with a coil spring chassis, the Airmatic air suspension, which is equipped with adaptive ADS+ shock absorbers, can be used as an option. The air suspension allows the vehicle to be raised by 25 millimeters at the push of a button for off-road driving, and at higher speeds on the motorway the EQE SUV is then automatically lowered by up to 20 millimeters compared to the normal position in order to improve aerodynamics.

Ride Control air suspension

The AMG models are equipped with the AMG Ride Control+ air suspension. Stiffer bearings on the rear axle are also used here. The Ride Control+ chassis is equipped with adaptive and electronically adjustable dampers in order to achieve a sporty or comfortable setting depending on the driving situation. Compared to the standard EQE SUV, the AMG EQE SUV is five millimeters lower. The rear-axle steering, which is optional for the EQE SUV, is standard in the AMG models.

Active Ride Control is used exclusively on the AMG EQE SUV. Here, the anti-roll bar characteristics are specifically influenced by one electric motor per axle in the anti-roll bars. Depending on the driving situation, the body roll can be reduced in fast corners or the maximum suspension travel can be released when driving on bad roads. The AMG EQE SUV has its own 48-volt electrical system installed for the complex Ride Control+ system. The AMG brakes with front six-piston calipers are also improved compared to the basic model, and a brake system with ceramic discs is also available as an option.

A real SUV when it comes to space

The decision in favor of an SUV is usually made primarily because of its practicality - easy access, lots of space, variable and large cargo space. The EQE SUV also meets these requirements, but at 1,686 millimeters it does not quite reach the height of a Mercedes GLE. There is a lot of space, especially for the passengers in all seats, and there is also plenty of legroom in the back, which is where the more than three meter wheelbase comes into play. The loading volume, from 520 liters with the seats upright to 1,675 liters with the furniture folded, is not an exclamation point, it is a rather average value in this vehicle class. A somewhat strange solution has been devised for the steeper position of the rear seat backrests when more space is required. A spacer must be folded out of the rear door opening for this purpose, a stepless inclination adjustment may have been too expensive.

Of course, it's nice and chic in the front row, especially if the optional MBUX hyperscreen display, which extends to the front passenger, has been ordered. The standard is a two-part display with a separate screen in the cockpit and a touchscreen mounted vertically in the center of the dashboard.The design and arrangement of the controls in the EQE SUV correspond to those in the sedan, and the subdivision of the two front seats with the continuous floating center unit is identical.

Range of up to 596 kilometers

However, the most important detail in a battery-electric car is the charging technology and planning. Mercedes does not currently name a battery size, but compared to the EQE sedan, nothing will change in the 90 kWh battery, which is equipped with ten battery modules (maximum 12 modules for the EQS SUV). The onboard charger with an output of up to 11 kW is responsible for the wall box in the garage and at the workplace. A charger with an output of 22 kW can be ordered as a surcharge option. For long-distance use, the EQE SUV can be recharged at fast charging stations with direct current with up to 170 kW. The WLTP ranges of the EQE SUV are 486 to 596 km for the 350+, 452 to 551 for the 350 4Matic, 465 to 552 km for the 500 4Matic and 423 to 476 km for the 43 4Matic AMG. The EQE SUV is also equipped with the Plug & Charge function, with which you no longer have to identify yourself using a customer card or app at suitable charging stations.

Mercedes EQE SUV sales start and price

Series production of the EQE SUV will start in December 2022. Like the EQS SUV, it is manufactured in the US plant in Tuscaloosa/Alabama for the world market; in Germany, the first models will be available at dealerships in spring 2023. At the start of orders on December 15, 2022, Mercedes only offers the EQE 43 4Matic AMG. And that is in the price list with at least 124,920 euros. For the 350+, which like all other variants can only be ordered from spring 2023, at least 86,811 euros are required. The 350 4Matic is in the price list at 89,548 euros and the 500 4Matic is available from 99,841 euros. No price has yet been announced for the AMG EQE SUV 53.


Visually and technically, the EQE SUV is a space-reduced variant of the EQS SUV and is therefore the SUV more suitable for European road and traffic conditions on the large EQ platform from Mercedes. Anyone who does not urgently need seven seats - there will be no additional seats in the EQE SUV - will probably make the better choice with the E instead of the S. Mainly because on the technology side, with the exception of the extra-large option battery of the EQS, nothing has to be sacrificed.


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