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Mercedes EQB: successful mix with seven seats

Technically, the EQB corresponds to the more compact electric SUV EQA, but inside it convinces with lots of space, fluffy driving comfort and up to seven seats - the GLB says hello.

You may have been waiting for this exact car. Because the Mercedes GLB with electric drive - after all, that's what the EQB is - offers something that you can't say about too many cars: it has some unique selling points.

Not only because it comes with an optional third row of seats in the trunk. It should probably cost around 1,500 euros, although there is no official EQB price list yet: In the GLB, places six and seven cost an extra 1,416 euros; The total for the EQB should be similar, but only by the way. The new vehicle also offers plenty of space for passengers and luggage that is otherwise only available in large station wagons or vans. The EQB is none of that, but an angular and yet elegantly designed SUV, which differs from its conventionally powered GLB brothers essentially by the EQ-typical grill and the LED light strips at the front and rear.,

The drive underneath corresponds to that of the smaller EQA, whereby the EQB will only be available with the two 4Matic versions 300 and 350 at the market launch at the end of November. The 250 variant with front-wheel drive and 140 kW will follow later.

Stronger variants with two electric motors

To try them on, we first take a seat in the 300. Like the 350 4Matic, it has two electric motors for the drive: an asynchronous motor at the front and a permanently excited motor on the rear axle. Both together bring it to 168 kW and 390 Nm, with which the 300 is motorized well, but not exuberantly. According to the factory specification, it takes exactly eight seconds to reach 100 km/h, after all, a 300 4Matic already weighs around 2.2 tons even without passengers.,

Of course, the 350 4Matic gets down to business much faster. The two electric motors have an output of 215 kW and a maximum torque of 520 Nm. So for those who travel out of town more often, the 350, which is expected to be around 2,700 more expensive, would probably be the better choice. Oh yes, since we are already talking about prices: As mentioned, they are not yet finally known, but anyone who expects around 55,000 euros (without the subsidy) for the 300 4Matic will probably not be completely wrong.

Up to 1,710 liters of luggage space

Not a little money for a compact class car, but the EQB rewards the financial commitment with great utility and driving culture at a high level. We already talked about the three rows of seats, and the cargo space has a very generous 1,710 liters. The Mercedes developers succeeded in accommodating the drive battery and electronic module so cleverly that the usable loading space hardly differs from that of a GLB.

When it comes to driving impressions, the EQB doesn't have to hide either: it's typically E-quiet and incredibly smooth, with finely variable recuperation, a comfortable chassis and a long range. According to the navigation system, the radius of movement extends almost to Italy, because the 66.5 kWh in the battery should enable over 400 kilometers (according to WLTP).


Lots of space in the interior, but compact dimensions, cultivated and quiet drive and noticeably smooth driving comfort - the Mercedes EQB is an electric family car at a high level. To a certain extent, this also applies to the prices – also a unique selling proposition that fits in with the fact that there is an electric 7-seater of a similar design in practically no competitor.


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