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Mercedes AMG GLE 53 (2019): Power SUV with mild hybrid

Mercedes AMG GLE 53 4MATIC + (2019)
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A MG brought its second most powerful drive to the Geneva Motor Show in the new luxury SUV of the V167 series (GLE since 2018). Mercedes AMG GLE 53 4MATIC +, the somewhat bumpy type designation, the doubly charged 3.0-liter in-line six-cylinder produces 435 hp and generates a maximum torque of 520 Newton meters, as in the sedans and coupé similar names. Thanks to a so-called boost function, the starter generator integrated between the engine and transmission delivers an additional 16 kilowatts (approx. 22 hp) and an additional torque of 250 Newton meters.

Additional electric charger instead of biturbo

During that V6 predecessor unit was pressurized by two identical turbochargers (one per cylinder bank), a conventional exhaust gas turbocharger and an electric supercharger (electric turbocharger) share this work in the in-line engine.

A second on-board network supplies it with 48 volts , which feeds the 12-volt network that is also available via a DC /AC converter. The starter generator naturally runs on 48 volts and enables hybrid functions such as sailing, recuperation and shifting the load point, i.e. if the gasoline engine runs in unfavorable operating conditions with high throttle losses, the electronic control demands more power from it in order to charge the battery via the generator. The overall system of the hybrid drive train runs more efficiently because it can store energy in the 48-volt battery.

Heavy SUV accelerates to 100 in 5.3 seconds

In principle, it works too Motor in the previous GLE top model GLE 450 like this. The starter generator also contributes 22 hp to its 367 hp - that is, in the new AMG model, the combustion engine provides 68 hp more power. The 2.3 ton all-wheel drive vehicle (the GLE 450 weighs 2265 kg) slams to 100 km /h in 5.3 seconds. For comparison: the AMG CLS 53 4Matic + does it in 4.5 seconds and is allowed to run 270 km /h, while the new GLE version is limited to 250 km /h.

The hybrid shows its power the well-known 9-speed automatic transmission from AMG and the all-wheel drive with permanently driven rear and, if necessary, controlled front axle.

Air suspension and adaptive dampers

AMG has given the GLE's air suspension with adaptive Dampers an active roll stabilization with two independently working, electromechanical actuators on the front and rear axles. It should not only reduce rolling movements when cornering, but also enable a more precise coordination of the steering and load change behavior. It should also contribute to driving comfortIncrease straight travel, because it should be able to compensate for suggestions from one-sided uneven road surfaces. The body's movements should be actively adapted to the driving situation.

And when things have to go slower: on the front axle, brake discs measuring 400 x 36 mm and 2-piston fixed calipers ensure deceleration. They are painted in silver and have black AMG lettering. At the rear, the panes are 345 x 25 mm and are surrounded by 1-piston floating calipers.

AMG look

The radiator of the powerful GLE is typically AMG with 15 vertical, chrome-plated struts disguised. The star in the double ring, the narrow headlights and the so-called 'A-wing' in the front apron characterize the provisional GLE top model. Widened wheel arches in body color offer space for large wheels - 20-inch light-alloy wheels with AMG lettering are standard. On request, there is a choice of seven rim variants from 20 to 22 inches.

Red color accents on the inside characterize the AMG model: On the seats, with black man-made leather covers with red contrasting topstitching as standard. The upper part of the dashboard is also covered in the same black man-made leather as standard. The headliner is also black, while the trim is in brushed aluminum with a lengthwise finish.

The new Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4MATIC + can be ordered from the end of August. The basic price is 85,502 euros. The 53 series is to be delivered from November 2019.

Review: Inline six-cylinder at Mercedes

If Wikipedia is right, there were in-line six-cylinders at Mercedes from 1924 to 1999, i.e. 75 years. Today, BMW mainly stands for the six-cylinder in-line engine, although the Munich-based company didn't bring its first unit of this type until 1933. Perhaps because the story of the straight six with the white-blue propeller has continued uninterrupted since then - and is now longer than the one at Mercedes. It was not until 2017 (in the S-Class) that they remembered the low-vibration design for six-cylinder units - with the double-charged three-liter unit, which, thanks to its 48-volt network and integrated starter-generator, does not need a belt drive for the ancillary units and is shorter than conventional units without electrical assistance.


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