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Mercedes-AMG GLA 45: Sales start and all prices known

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210 PS from one liter displacement - there were times when those were values ​​from racing. At Mercedes, the 421 hp from the two-liter turbo will in future also be available in a compact SUV when the AMG 45 S variant drives up in the new generation of the GLA. This current top performance makes the M 139 petrol engine currently the s most powerful series four-cylinder in the world and will also catapult A in the future -Class customers with emphasis through the landscape.

As with the A-Class , the GLA also comes with a slightly less powerful variant without an' S 'as the' base '. With then 'only' 387 hp, which is already good for 4.4 seconds at 100 km /h (the AMG GLA 45 S does that in 4.3 seconds). Because this performance would be quite a package for just one drive axle, the AMG GLA 45 variants always have the 4Matic in the type designation. In addition to the variable all-wheel drive, there is also wheel-selective torque control with AMG Torque Control for the rear axle.

More suitability for everyday use, says Mercedes

Mercedes emphasizes, despite the 40 hp increase in output compared to its predecessor Generation, the new powerhouse in the compact SUV segment is more suitable for everyday use. The new engine should also respond more spontaneously, for which the torque curve has been retuned. The power of the evil four-cylinder is managed by a dual-clutch transmission. The AMG Speedshift DCT8 transmission is tuned for maximum acceleration and, depending on the driving program, can be assigned different characteristic curves for the switching limits.

Top performers: As an S, the AMG GLA is the most powerful Series four-cylinder the world on the move

The automatic starter 'Race Start' is always on board for the maximum sprint factor, with the ignition interruption when upshifting Acoustically, the corresponding drama level is also provided. For maximum deceleration (with double-declutching when downshifting, see drama level), the Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 has high-performance brakes with four-piston calipers and 350-millimeter discs at the front and 330 mm discs with single-piston calipers at the rear as standard. If you pay the S surcharge, you get 360 discs on the front axle and a six-piston fixed caliper system in red paint.

The AMG speed-sensitive steering is speed-dependent, has a variable ratio and two characteristic curves that depend on the individual driving programs to be controlled. A rigid mounting in the integral support should noticeably increase steering precision. Depending on the characteristics, the rack and pinion steering is more comfortable or sporty and firm.

Various drive programs in the AMG GLA 45

The drive programs that can be selected, depending on the equipment level, also include the AMG steering wheel module the settings 'Smoothness', 'Comfort', 'Sport', 'Sport +', 'Individual' and 'Race'. The 'Race' setting is always on board with the S models, with an extra charge for the 387 hp model. The programs influence the accelerator pedal characteristic, all-wheel control, the steering characteristic, ESP coordination, the chassis and the exhaust system, among other things .

Sports brake system, on the GLA 45 S with red painted brake calipers

Anyone who thinks that an AMG GLA 45 regularly needs to run out on a racetrack can use the AMG Track Pace data logger (standard on the S, with the base at an extra charge). Over 80 data units, such as acceleration, speed or lap times, are logged and shown on the displays. After the system also integrates the GPS data, it can even recognize and record when the route has been left or abbreviations. Well-known race tracks like the Nürburgring orSpa Franchorchamps are already included in the system and your own routes can be recorded. Cool detail function: on the optional head-up display, the ideal line of a race track can be projected directly onto the window at eye level.

The S comes with yellow interior accents

The optical ingredients of the AMG GLA 45 has already anticipated the A-Class with the same engine. Powerdomes on the hood, AMG radiator grille, exhibited wheelhouses and the rear apron with two double tailpipes, roof spoiler and diffuser announce the good news of the power to the outside world. Inside, the basic values ​​are conveyed with sports seats, carbon details, decorative stitching and a sports steering wheel; we also already know the yellow accents in the interior of the S version from the AMG 45 A-Class.

The sportiest model is now available the entry-level SUV range can be ordered. The AMG versions cost at least 54,024 euros (GLA 35 4Matic), 62,772 euros (GLA 45 4Matic +) and 68,365 euros for the top model GLA 45 S 4Matic +.


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