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Mazda CX-80: Seven-seater SUV coming at the end of 2023

Mazda will launch the CX-80 at the end of the year. The seven-seater formally follows the US model CX-90, which was presented in early 2023.

The Japanese in Europe currently only have the CX-60 with two rows of seats in their range. Like the CX-80 later, it is based on the new large platform, which allows rear-wheel and all-wheel drive. On the engine side, the big brother is also based on the CX-60. This is currently available with two engines.

Mazda CX-80 with two engines

On the one hand with the 200 hp diesel as E-Skyactiv D 200 with rear-wheel drive. The 3.3-liter straight-six is ‚Äč‚Äčlinked to an eight-speed automatic transmission and provides a maximum torque of 450 Nm. On the other hand, the E-Skyactive PHEV is the most powerful Mazda in the range. The powertrain in the CX-60 gets 327 hp from 2.5 liters displacement and has an electric range of 65 kilometers. The all-wheel drive's battery has a capacity of 17.8 kWh. Roll stabilization ensures dynamic cornering.

CX-80 is getting longer, with more wheelbase

And what about the dimensions for the CX-80 with three rows of seats? The model is slightly larger, especially in terms of length and wheelbase. The smaller CX-60 measures 4,740 millimeters in length and has a wheelbase of 2,870 millimeters. Visually, the CX-80 stays true to the current Mazda style.

In the slideshow you can see the Mazda CX-90 for the US market


Mazda will bring the CX-60 as a seven-seater version at the end of 2023. With three rows of seats, the CX-80 comes with the same engines and just a longer wheelbase and length.


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