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Maybach GLS 600: Mint green SUV by Carlex Design

Carlex Design has chosen the Maybach GLS for its latest project. The tuners give the SUV an unusual look, especially visually.

For many car fans, tuning is a philosophical question: looks or performance - or no tuning at all? When you look at the latest creation from Carlex Design, it becomes clear that the Poles have dared to do a lot, especially when it comes to the look. Carlex Design paints the Maybach GLS 600 in mint green.

Not many tuning companies dare to even come up with the idea of ​​"pretty" a Maybach. After all, the luxury brand that belongs to Mercedes is known for conjuring up that certain extra from ordinary series vehicles.

But not only Carlex thinks that the normal Maybach GLS 600 is too good. Mansory couldn't keep his hands off the SUV either and showed his own creation of the car in 2022 - as shown in the article linked here.

Mint green Maybach GLS 600

Visually, the Carlex-Maybach is difficult to ignore - the poisonous mint green immediately catches the eye. Then there are the 23-inch wheels on which the SUV glides over the streets. 22-inch wheels from Maybach would come as standard. In terms of color, the rims are kept in a slightly shimmering gold. Side skirts and radiator grille are also given gold as an accent color.

Carlex Design keeps the roof and bonnet of the GLS black. Imagine if the vehicle were completely painted in mint green - but the tuners did not do that. Maybe that's better.

Maybach GLS: Inside and out

If the eyes can stand the look of the SUV, the next rehearsal is waiting in the interior. There, Carlex Design goes a step further. Seats, door panels, steering wheel, center console - mint green as far as the eye can see. Only black accents provide some visual relaxation.

Apart from the optics, Carlex leaves it with the standard GLS 600 from the luxury brand. Under the hood is a conventional twin-turbo V8. The four-liter engine delivers 557 hp and has a maximum torque of 730 Nm. The power balances the 2.8-ton SUV to 100 km/h in less than five seconds. According to Mercedes, the sprint should be completed in 4.9 seconds.

Carlex Design only gives a price for the extravagant SUV on request. Mercedes demands 173,264 euros for the basic version. In the driving report by auto motor sport (12/2020) , the tested Maybach was in the segment of around 230,000 euros. The mint green SUV from Carlex Design will even exceed this price significantly.


Carlex Design thinks it's a good idea to give the Maybach GLS 600 a new coat of paint. The mint green inside and outside is definitely not an understatement. This makes the colossus not only an eye-catcher in the usual supermarket car park, but should also draw attention to itself compared to other luxury vehicles on the Côte d'Azur. The Maybach from Carlex Design is definitely an SUV for people who love a grand entrance.


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