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Mansory Venatus: Tuner makes Lamborghini Urus 810 PS strong

Lamborghini Urus becomes Mansory Venatus
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H orror film directors like to take care of you with a simple trick Shock in between: The protagonist gets into his car in the dark. Before he drives off, he adjusts the inside mirror correctly and suddenly he sees a frightening figure on the back seat who, a fraction of a second later, hits his throat. Conventional drivers should have a similar feeling when, when checking the traffic behind them in the mirror, the front of the 654,500 euro Mansory Venatus suddenly piles up.

Already standard the Urus is not a child of sadness. The Venatus still looks like an evil twin possessed by the devil.

The huge appearance in the sweeping blue carbon robe with neon green accents is based on the Lamborghini Urus - and that's not the epitome of subtle understatement. The Lamborghini that has become Venatus is made up of several components of an extensive body kit. At the rear, centrally positioned tailpipes replace the four-pipe exhaust system of the production model. The triangular exhaust composition is framed by a massive diffuser that looks as if it doesn't want to guide the air, but rather expel it completely - and bad spirits as well.

Three spoilers at the rear

Bonnet, fenders and mirror caps made of carbon are of course also in the catalog. Then there are the roof spoiler, rear spoiler and spoiler lip - the Venatus thus combines the holy spoiler trinity on just one rear and still looks as if it could do one or the other exorcismtolerate.

Refiner Mansory is known for the excessive use of carbon fiber components.

For the rims, the noble Tuner presented its 24-inch alloy wheels with the designation CV.7 Air in black. The wheels can also be individually painted on request. With so much customization, the interior shouldn't be neglected. The agent of choice is - not surprisingly - carbon. A trim set of seven parts, which extend over the fittings and door panels, is on offer, as well as a redesigned steering wheel including shift paddles made of carbon. We probably don't need to tell you what the door sills are made of. And what is not made of carbon fiber in the cockpit, Mansory wraps in leather.

On the drive side, the tuner has added a decent shovel after waiting almost a year. The V8 twin turbo engine now delivers a hefty 810 hp instead of 650 hp. The torque has increased from 850 Newton meters to 1,000 Newton meters. After 3.3 seconds, 100 km /h is reached, at 320 kilometers per hour it is over. Alternatively, a somewhat tamer Venatus with 745 hp and 960 Newton meters can be ordered for from 386,750 euros.


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