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Mansory door tuning: Suicide Doors for G-Class

Tuner Mansory offers optional rear doors for the Mercedes G-Class and calls this "New Access of Luxury".

Tuner Mansory is usually all about an extravagant look and a lot more power. Under the slogan "New Access of Luxury", Mansory is only focusing on doors this time - namely the rear ones on the Mercedes G-Class.

Easier in the rear

The all-terrain vehicle from Stuttgart is one of the most popular cars that customers have modified by Mansory, with many G-Class owners also using their Mansory with a full crew. Mansory has developed a new door concept for the G so that the select clientele can also feel the full pampering aroma in the back seats. The concept of rear portals is not new. This design has always been associated with more comfort due to the larger space available when getting in and out. ,

Mansory now also wants to offer this for its G-Class models. The effort that Mansory makes for the rear doors hinged on the back is great. Not only do all of the door mounts have to be relocated from the B pillar to the C pillar in a mirror image, but the entire door opening technology including the door handles must also be repositioned in order to maintain the harmonious overall appearance of the car. All mechanical conversion measures are carried out while retaining the standard safety technology and all necessary optical conversion measures are carried out with great effort, some of which are completely new body parts and a subsequent new paint finish that is completely invisible.

The "New Access of Luxury" is available for all current G-Class models of the type "463A". Installation in armored vehicles is also possible on special request. As usual, Mansory does not name prices. ,


At Mansory, "New Access of Luxury" has nothing to do with more performance or an extravagant look. The slogan only hides the rear-hinged rear doors for the Mercedes G-Class, which are intended to enable passengers to board more easily.


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