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Manhart MHX5 700: The bull is getting even beefier

In the hands of tuner Manhart, the BMW sports SUV is a whole lot beefier in terms of looks and acceleration. Now there is an even bigger gear train.

The Manhart MHX5 has the 700 in its name, which is a very clear indication of the motoric potency of the SUV. Because with only 625 hp and a maximum of 750 Newton meters of torque from the standard unit, many SUV owners still feel underpowered. No problem for tuner Manhart from Wuppertal, as he has the right performance elixir for the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 in his range.

This is a new engine software that does its job either via an additional control unit or directly flashed onto the original electronics. Either way, the rearranged bits and bytes drive the V8 up to 730 hp and raise the maximum torque to 900 Newton meters. In addition, Manhart installed a new exhaust system made of stainless steel with four 100 millimeter tailpipes, which is also equipped with a flap control. Optionally, new downpipes without a catalyst insert and a replacement pipe for the petrol particle filter can also be installed. However, both measures are not permitted in this country and are therefore intended for export.

Two wheel alternatives in 22 and 23 inches

On the other hand, the in-house Concave One rims find the blessing of the German authorities. They come in a satin black finish, measure 10.5x22 inches and offer space for 295/30 tires all around. The rims of the Hamann Anniversary Evo Black Line are one size larger in the wheel arches. The 11x23 inch round tires require 315/25 ZR23 tires. Behind it, Manhart can optionally install a reinforced brake system and a chassis that is height-adjustable using H&R coil springs.

Doesn't have to, but can or wants applies to the optical upgrades for the X5. The standard bonnet replaces a carbon counterpart with integrated GTR air intakes; however, this part also has no TÜV blessing. As a carbon bonus for the front apron, Manhart has a new front spoiler ready. The covers for the exterior mirrors and the two-piece rocker panels with small additional flaps are also made of carbon. The carbon package is rounded off with a two-part spoiler lip for the trunk lid and a completely remodeled diffuser insert for the rear apron, in which the rear fog light is integrated in the middle.

It doesn't always have to be black and gold

The two photo models shown here prove that even a tuning car from Manhart can be colour-changed. The version with dark blue paintwork and black carbon accents is just as appealing as its counterpart in the typical Manhart look with a black base color that is accentuated by a decorative set with golden elements. On request, Manhart adapts the interior to this look. If you like it a little more subtle, you can only use new shift paddles, steering wheel spoke covers made of carbon and Manhart floor mats. ,


If a BMW X5 M is not sufficiently motorized even in the Competition version, Manhart can remedy this with his 730 hp version. A carbon add-on package ensures a more eye-catching look.


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