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Lumma CLR 8S: Extreme look for the Audi SUV Coupé Q8

Extreme look for the SUV coupé
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S crazy: Such a current BMW 3 Series is now larger than a 5 Series from 2001. A development that affects almost all segments - even those that are already generously dimensioned by default. In this specific case, we are talking about Audi's luxury SUV coupe Q8, and what tuner Lumma has created from it. The creation goes by the name of CLR 8S and could provide a brief moment of shock when it appears in the rearview mirror.

Horror let up! When this front piles up in the rearview mirror, the heart can skip a hop.

This is due to the grim front that extends over the widened front axle extends. A slightly discreet air intake sits enthroned on the bonnet in black. Underneath, the Lumma-Q8 tears open its broad dark throat, the lower border of which forms a front spoiler after two white clips. The high-contrast interplay between black and white creates the impression of a deeply jagged frontal view. Lumma calls the body kit 'equally extroverted and elegant'. At this point we leave it up to everyone to judge.

Filled out wheel arches

Of course, four tailpipes, two spoilers and a diffuser are emblazoned at the rear. In the example of the CLR 8S shown here, all parts that Lumma has included in the range are installed. But there is the option of making the SUV coupe a little less dramatic. The parts are also available individually, and even as a carbon fiber version on request. So, for example, you can choose between the roof edge spoiler and lip on the trunk lid, and you don't have to hang both parts on the wide rear end. The wheel arches are also voluminous, which Lumma fills either with in-house 22-inch or 24-inch rims.

It doesn't have to be both: The parts, such as the roof spoiler or spoiler lip, are also available individually.

Lumma offers numerous customization options for the interior in the best tuning manner, and updates are also available for the engines (340 hp petrol, or 231 and 286 hp diesel) Available.


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