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Lincoln Aviator (2019): Even more luxury for the middle class

Lincoln Aviator (2019)
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A even if the Lincoln Aviator is in the middle class it is equipped with three rows of seats and when it rolls to US dealerships in summer 2019 it will compete against models such as the Mercedes GLE, the Volvo XC90 or the BMW X5.

Also as a plug-in hybrid

The aviator also comes as a hybrid.

The two-box design of the aviator has become more rounded and also integrates elements of the Lincoln limousines. Under the long bonnet sits a three-liter V6 twin-turbo petrol engine that generates 400 hp and a maximum torque of 610 Nm. In the Grand Touring version of the Aviator, this V6 becomes a plug-in hybrid by combining it with an electric motor, which provides 450 hp and 814 Nm of torque and can also drive purely electrically. Both machines are each married to a ten-speed automatic. The lithium-ion battery for the hybrid was integrated in the underbody. A full charge takes about three to four hours to plug into the 240-volt power supply. The drive torque of the motors flows to the rear axle; all-wheel drive is also available for an extra charge. Five driving modes that can be called up are always on board, the hybrid version has two more for the electric drive.

For the chassis, the Aviator relies on all-round independent wheel suspensions, which are combined with a height-adjustable, adaptive air suspension. There is also a predictive system that detects bumps by camera and pre-adjusts the landing gear accordingly.

Pure luxury in the interior

The interior is packed with precious woods and according to the positioning of the Lincoln Aviator Leather. All imaginable luxury features such as electrically adjustable seats, head-up displays or high-end audio systems are available for a surcharge. As a central informationand control is a 12.3-inch touchscreen on the dashboard, which can also be used to network the Aviator comprehensively if required. Various driver profiles and the associated settings can be stored in the electronic app key. Worth mentioning are the beeps of the security features, which were recorded especially for the Lincoln by a symphony orchestra. They work with an armada of assistance and safety systems.

The aviator lures with a lot of luxury in the interior.

In addition to the basic version and various options, the Lincoln Aviator also comes as a specially equipped black label variant. However, prices have not yet been announced. At the Detroit Motor Show in January 2019, Ford will unveil the Aviator's sister model, the new Explorer.


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