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Lightweight tunes the BMW X4 xDrive 35d

Lightweight Performance
Lightweight BMW X4 xDrive 35d
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M or more performance with less consumption: that is what lightweight performance promises his customers with their upgrade package for the BMW X4. The tuner wants to achieve the power plus in two ways: either via an additional control unit or a map optimization. Both options are available for all engine variants.

Map optimization results in 62 HP

Lightweight performance is demonstrated using the example of the BMW X4 xDrive 35d. Thanks to the additional control unit, the turbodiesel should spit 365 instead of 313 hp and 690 instead of 630 Nm. At a price of 3,699 euros. In the second way, the Bayern SUV squeezes 375 hp from its six cylinders and tramples the crankshaft with 700 Nm. Cost: from 2,599 euros.

Regardless of the way in which Lightweight stuffs the SUV more power under the body: The X4 should chase around 0.5 to one liter less fuel through the combustion chambers. That would result in a consumption of between five and 5.5 liters for the X4 xDrive 35d per 100 kilometers. According to BMW, the top diesel treats itself to six liters per 100 kilometers in the standard trim.

Tuned BMW X4 xDrive 35d costs 88,000 euros

The outer skin of the BMW X4 xDrive 35d covers Lightweight performance with a full wrap in 'Dark Frozen Gray'. The tuner can pay around 3,000 euros for the new suit for the SUV coupé. 399 euros make up for the new mirror caps from the bank account and 849 euros each for the new rear apron insert and the spoiler lip on the trunk lid. All elements are made of carbon fiber.

The front spoiler sword offers Lightweight Performance either in black gloss (399 euros) or carbon fiber (849 euros). The tuner claps the X4's new stainless steel rear silencer with 4 x 90 millimeter tailpipes to match the vehicle color. In exchange for 1,799 euros. New 21-inch models and a lowering of 3 centimeters (1,499 euros) round off the external appearance.

After the tuning wash in the lightweight system, the BMW X4 xDrive 35d looks like a gray knight who has it in his Armor can also take on an X6 M50d, although it still has six more horsepower. According to Lightweight, the rigged X4 sprints to 100 km /h in 4.9 seconds. That would add three tenths to the X6 M50d (5.2 seconds). Once really in motion, the lightweight BMW pulls up from 80 in 12.2 seconds180 km /h through.

Lightweight Performance enhances the interior with black Alcantara (1,299 euros). The tuner sews the center console with double contrasting seams and also puts out velor floor mats for 159 euros. In addition, the driver steps on new aluminum pedals for 139 euros and can gawk in an additional display for 899 euros. The tuner attaches this below the main screen instead of a ventilation unit. The additional screen shows, for example, measured values ​​such as 0-100 and 0-200 km /h.

In our picture gallery you can see the performance upgrade from Lightweight for the BMW X4 xDrive 35d. In this configuration, the SUV should cost 88,000 euros.


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