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Lexus UX 250h Koi Car: The world's first tattooed car

Lexus UX 250h Koi Car
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Stickers on cars are known. Car wraps too. But there has never been a tattooed car. Until now. Because Toyota noble daughter Lexus has given tattoo artist Claudia de Sabe and her husband Yutaro a L exus UX 250h and wished you have fun - or something like that. Six months later, the world's first tattooed vehicle can be admired - including planning. The tattooing itself took five days of eight hours and five liters of car paint.

Claudia de Sabe has been tattooing people for 15 years - and now a car. Before the Lexus UX went to the paintwork, was busy working on an old bonnet practiced in the garage. When the technology was established, the design was still needed. She opted for a koi carp on one side of the vehicle and two goldfish on the other. The only problem with the koi was that it was actually way too big for one side. The solution is to draw the carp in its swimming stance. This has the consequence that its tail fin is slightly curved towards the roof line and even further on the roof. So design and technology were fixed. We could start.

Tattooing metal is more exhausting than tattooing people.

Tattooing cars is not that easy at all

To scrape off the paint, the artists used four different Dremels, the handles of which come from tattoo machines. For their own safety, both artists always wore breath andEar protection. The metalwork formed the outlines of the waves and fish. It was also noticeable that the paint on the bonnet is thicker than on the sides. Thanks to the rockfall protection.

After the first few minutes, both artists notice that tattooing metal is not only physically but also mentally more demanding than that of people. On the one hand, metal is harder than skin and, on the other hand, metal does not forgive mistakes. 'It was very scary! I was definitely more stressed out tattooing the car than tattooing a person. With a human tattoo, it's relatively easy to correct a mistake by expanding a line or adding more color. A car tattoo isn't Correction allowed. Once the paint has been scraped out of the car, it cannot be repaired, 'she reveals.

The scales of the fish were also given gold leaf for a 3D effect. The colors used are original Lexus colors called Solar Flare Orange, Fuji Red, Sonic White and Velvet Black. Finally, the tattooed Lexus was completely covered with clear varnish. The tattooed Koi Car does not have a price tag, but you can expect around 130,000 euros for the total work of art.


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