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Lexus NX: Hybrid SUV subtly upgraded

The small model update for the hybrid SUV brings updates to the equipment and operation for the 2023 model year.

Lexus has slightly revised the mid-range SUV NX for the new model year. Externally, the NX remains the same, the modifications are limited to the interior.

Clean air and new colors

A new air purification technology, which is supposed to eliminate viruses, bacteria, pollen and other allergens as well as bad smells from the incoming air, ensures even cleaner air in the interior. Technology partner Panasonic relies on the specification of slightly acidic nano-ions in the interior air via the air conditioning outlets.

For the new model year, those who choose the F Sport equipment variant will receive an interior in the color combination velvet black with lotus white accents and Ivalo white as well as Ascari red. These colors are now also found on the glove box, the side panel of the console on the passenger side and on the door panels. In the Alpaca Brown and Indigo Red color combinations, the colors are extended to the glove box and console side trim on the passenger side.

Upgraded equipment

All NX versions benefit from an optimized arrangement of the elements in the center console, the digital interior mirror now automatically dims and the improved third brake light sends stronger signals to following traffic. The standard keyless entry system has been designed to be tamper-proof, i.e. theft protection has been improved.

Buyers of the 450h+ in the Luxury Line get their SUV equipped with an audio system by Mark Levinson as standard. Also new for the Luxury Line is the possibility of combining it with the front-wheel drive variant of the NX 350h. In all hybrid and plug-in hybrid models from the Executive Line, the predictive deceleration support in combination with the navigation system analyzes the driver's driving habits and traffic reports in real time.

The drive portfolio consisting of the hybrid 350h and the plug-in hybrid 450h+ remains untouched. Lexus has not yet announced prices for the new model year. The price list currently starts at 50,800 euros.


Lexus is sending its mid-range SUV into the new model year with small changes to the equipment and a new drive combination option.


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