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Land Rover plugin hybrids: Evoque and Discovery Sport as PHEV

Land Rover
Land Rover plug-in hybrid with 309 hp
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So now the British too: After a number of manufacturers in the high-volume compact SUV segment with PHEV models at the start are, now makes L and Rover a corresponding offer - and twice. The technically closely related models Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery Sport can now be ordered in the 'P300e' version, as a plug-in hybrid with a maximum output of 309 hp.

New three-cylinder turbo

With the partially electric all-wheel drive, Land Rover has chosen a classic variant of this topic: the electric motor on the rear axle can drive up to 135 km /h. All-wheel drive is therefore only possible with the participation of the combustion engine and not purely electric, as is the case with the PHEV models from the PSA Group. A 15 kWh battery, which is mounted below the rear seats, is used to store electricity. The traction battery somewhat restricts the ground clearance, which shrinks from 212 to 172 millimeters, and the ramp angle is correspondingly reduced. Land Rover gives the maximum electric range for the Discovery Sport with 64 kilometers and for the Range Rover Evoque with 68 kilometers.

Land Rover is quite generous with the available charging technology. The two PHEVs can be refueled with a maximum of 7 kW at the home wallbox, and up to 32 kW charging power is possible at public fast charging stations with direct current charging. In contrast to many other PHEVs, this also allows rapid intermediate charging on the go, for example when driving on the motorwayRest stop. It should then take around 30 minutes from zero to 80 percent charge level. For home chargers without their own wallbox, the two plug-ins are supplied with a Mode 2 charger for normal household sockets, which then takes more than six hours to fully charge.

Image gallery Land Rover Discovery Sport PHEV

As is customary with PHEV, the mandatory smartphone app allows remote control of the air conditioning in addition to the location-related functions and remote monitoring. In this way, the plug-in landies can be preheated or cooled in a range-neutral manner as long as they are still attached to the charging cable. The driving modes also correspond to the usual: You can choose to drive in hybrid mode or with a purely electric drive, a third function (Save) saves the electrical drive energy for later use.

The high maximum output of the combustion engine and electric motor ensures sporty driving performance: the Range Rover Evoque P300e PHEV sprints from zero to 100 km /h in 6.4 seconds, the larger and heavier Discovery Sport ticks off this discipline in 6.4 seconds. The top speed is 213 km /h (Evoque) or 209 km /h (LR Discovery Sport). From 135 km /h, the electric motor in the rear axle is decoupled and the petrol engine does the propulsion on its own. Worth mentioning: Both models can tow 1.6 tonnes, which is not a matter of course in the plug-in hybrid segment.

Land Rover offers the P300e models from Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque analogous to the combustion models in the equipment lines S, SE and HSE, they can also be configured as R-Dynamic models. As with the combustion engines, the Discovery offers more cars for less money: the 23 centimeter longer Discovery Sport starts at 49,255 euros in the S version, while the price list for the Range Rover Evoque P300e PHEV as an S variant is 50,750 euros.

This is remarkably cheap for Land Rover conditions, because at these tariffs the two models are roughly on par with the 200 hp combustion variants, but offer significantly more power, lower consumption and additional discounts with company car taxation. In addition, the new PHEVs are eligible (net list price each over 40,000 euros, 3,750 euros environmental bonus). For comparison: the Opel Grandland X PHEV with all-wheel drive starts at 51,165 euros.


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