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Land Rover Discovery Sport TD4 HSE put to the test

Achim Hartmann
Land Rover Discovery Sport TD4 HSE in the test
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N un, with summer tires, he decelerates snappy. Which means we haven't got around the subject of handling yet. But what a fitting description of what the disco does with curves - with precise steering, but little enthusiasm. So you shouldn't take the sport so seriously.

Discovery Sport with proper handling

We already know that from the larger Range Rover Sport. The little disco has the optional seven-seater in common with it. There are two folding seats with rabbit-eared headrests for 1,300 euros. The test car didn't have it, but it did have the sliding and tilt-adjustable rear seat. Two sit comfortably on it, three are still comfortable.

In the meantime, we are settling in front. Like the equipment in it, the cockpit layout comes from Jaguar XE /XF, so it calls for a certain basic interest in how functions can be complicated. The disco does this in the style of the house with the rotary switch for the automatic.

Achim Hartmann
Inside it looks like everywhere in the Land Rover Jaguar -Clan: cool and elegant, not very clear.

Offroader with 180 HP

Once turned to 'D', the ZF 9HP48 walks calmly through its nine steps . That could be made more dynamic, if you tugged on the shift paddles. But, oh, it's so cozy up here in the cozy leather armchairs. The 180-PS-430-Nm turbo diesels calmly.

Oh look, while the disco knocks over a few short bumps, long swings gently, heavy weather pulls over the mountains. The all-wheel drive with Haldex clutch will soon show that the disco is a car for every season /for every continent - forCome-who-or-whatever.


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