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Lada Vesta & amp; Lada X-Ray (2016): This is where the Russian car future drives

Stefan Baldauf
Lada Vesta & Lada X-Ray (2016)
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Lada Vesta is coming as Priora successor

A s successor to the Priora, Lada will be offering the Vesta from next year. The Russian brand had already shown the small sedan as a study at the Moscow Motor Show in 2014. The model was drawn by Steve Mattin, who was also responsible for the Volvo XC60.

The original plan was to have the new Lada Vesta roll off the production line at Avtovaz as early as the end of 2014 and to offer it at the equivalent of 8,300 euros. The Lada Vesta is currently still a bit away from a market launch - one thing is certain: the model is based on the new Lada B platform and allows the Vesta to be 4.35 meters long - with a wheelbase of 2.65 meters.

The Erlk├Ânig pictures clearly show that the model is almost identical to the study. The front shows the grim-looking headlights and the area around the radiator. The bonnet is contoured, the beads on the front fender and the doors are retained. The Lada Vesta also affords the small rear triangular window and the stub end with the narrow rear lights.

Lada X-Ray from 12,000 euros

Lada currently has the compact SUV R- Ray in the testing phase. It is also due to hit the market in 20156 and has already been shown twice as a study in Moscow in 2012 and 2014. As with the Vesta, the Lada X-Ray appears like the study in terms of proportions and styling. The beads and the front design are similar to the design of the Vesta. The rear with the steep rear window will also go into series production, but it is questionable whether the rear light graphics will also come like this. The Lada X-Ray is based on the Dacia Sondera /Logan and will probably also adopt the Romanian's technology. The price announced is 12,000 euros.


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