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Lada Niva Legend Van Pickup

Lada brings a truck variant of the Niva in two versions. The offer ranges from the open flatbed to the refrigerated box.

Since June 2022, Lada has resumed production of the Niva , albeit with greatly reduced technical equipment. At the beginning of 2023, the manufacturer presented the Niva Legend Van (LCV), which is not a "van" in the classic sense, but a pick-up based on the Niva. Lada has been offering such a pick-up for some time under the type number WAS 2329, and now the new bodies are intended to appeal to a broader group of customers.

The small truck sold as the Niva LCV comes in two versions with a two-seater or four-seater cabin, although in view of the space available in the vehicle with the long cabin, one can rather speak of rear emergency seats. Depending on the cabin version, the loading bodies are of different lengths because the vehicle itself is always on the same wheelbase. The overall length is a compact 4.44 meters, 20 centimeters more than the standard Niva with a long wheelbase and five doors.

The Niva LCV is 4.4 meters long

The drive is the regular 1.7 liter petrol engine under the hood, which has an output of 83 hp and is connected to the five-speed manual gearbox, which is also known from the normal Niva. What is new, however, is the substructure. Reinforced springs are used on the front axle, and a reinforced rigid axle at the rear, which is also attached to leaf springs instead of coil springs as in the Niva car. In addition, the axles have automatic locking differentials and a shortened 4.1:1 ratio.

The bodies of different sizes, in the long version there is space for two Euro pallets, are available in various versions from the open platform with side walls to a version with a hard top to a closed box and a refrigerated box. Lada specifies the top speed as 110 km/h, the average consumption as 12 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers. The Niva LCV is built by VIS-Avto, a subsidiary of the Avtovaz Group specializing in commercial vehicles.

Bold price for a Niva

In terms of price, the new Niva LCV is anything but a snapper. Converted, Lada requires between around 17,000 and around 22,850 euros for the four-wheel transporter. These high prices in the euro conversion are also due to the ruble exchange rate, which has risen as a result of western sanctions, but in view of the price for a standard Niva (currently converted from 10,600 euros), the surcharge is generally enormous, especially given the rustic Technology.


With the various superstructures of the new LCV, the Niva is undoubtedly becoming more practical, although the car is still very compact with a total length of 4.4 meters and does not perform any miracles in the loading space. In view of the antique technology used, however, the price is adventurous.


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