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Kia Mohave Masterpiece: SUV study at the Seoul Motorshow

Kia Mohave Masterpiece
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SUVs, SUVs, SUVs: For what Kia is currently listing, this is The term 'offensive' is almost an understatement. Take the Seoul Motor Show as an example: There it debuts with the S P Signature the very near-series study of a compact SUV. And right next to it with the Mohave Masterpiece, the very near-series study of a, of course, larger SUV. But why not? Customers want SUVs, and Kia supplies SUVs.

Mohave Masterpiece with typical SUV design

With the larger, the first thing you notice is the new radiator grille. And that it has its own Mohave emblem instead of the Kia logo. Remnants of the currently very present tiger nose front are still available, for example the grill tapers slightly in the middle. But with its twelve longitudinal struts in an ice block look, the Mohave Masterpiece could also have come from Jeep. Overall, these elements seem to merge with the horizontal LED headlights to form a complete lighting unit. And they give the generally very upright front section a modern touch. The pentagonal shaped air inlets and fog lights on the sides of the front bumper can be seen in many SUVs. Just like the underrun protection on both ends of the car.

It is similar with the side view of the Kia Mohave Masterpiece. Design tricks such as the shoulder line rising upwards on the rear side window can also be seen in some other soft-off-roaders such as those from Seat or the Dacia Duster. And of course with the other Seoul study SP Signature. Widely flared wheel arches are state of the art in the SUV segment, as are the lavishly dimensioned exterior mirrors in chrome housings.

SUV study with robust character

Overall, the Kia Designer largely on flourishes in the lines. They preferred to give the Mohave Masterpiece a running board, which should underline the robust character of the study and simply make it easier to get into the SUV, which is blessed with a lot of ground clearance.

The signature of the LED The rear lights take up the longitudinal stripe design of the front.

The rear design takes up that from the front and is determined by the characteristic LED light signature with ten vertical stripes. The illuminated 'Mohave' lettering is located between the lights. At the top there is a roof spoiler with an integrated third brake light, while in the lower area of ​​the rear view, metal gleams between the four angular tailpipes, which indicate a powerful engine. This is of course speculative, because Kia has not said a word about the drive of the Masterpiece. It is only clear that the study has all-wheel drive. The interior has also remained under lock and key so far; the windows of the Seoul study were completely opaque.

The series version should come soon

And what does the future of the Mohave Masterpiece look like? What is clear is that it will replace the first generation of the Mohave SUV offered in Korea and based on a ladder frame platform, which is or was marketed in China and the USA under the model name Borrego. Since the first prototypes have already been spotted, the production version - then of course on a new platform with independent suspension - should be presented within a year. It's about time, after all, the current Mohave has been on the market since 2008. It is unclear whether the newcomer will make it beyond Asia's borders. Why not as the successor to the Sorento, the current generation of which has been on the market since 2014? Perhaps as an all-terrain addition to it. Or not at all. We'll be smarter in a year at the latest.


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