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Kaege Porsche Macan S Diesel: With 310 PS and V8 sound

Kaege Porsche Macan S Diesel
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First the P orsche Macan S Diesel via additional control unit from 258 HP and 580 Nm to 310 HP and 700 Nm brought. The power kit costs 1,490 euros.

V8 sound for the diesel engine

And with it the Diesel engine also comes close to an eight-cylinder in terms of sound, the exhaust system is equipped with an active sound system. The system is operated via the cruise control lever. Combined with the original tailpipes, the costs including installation and registration amount to 2,790 euros.

Models with air suspension can be lowered using an additional module and app control at a price of 1,299 euros. Kaege has shorter springs available for steel spring suspensions at a price of 549 euros. Alternatively, coilovers with or without electronic damper control are available at prices from 1,299 euros. The Macan update can be rounded off on request with BBS alloy wheels with a diameter of 21 inches and 265/40 tires on the front and 295/35 on the rear axle, for which a complete wheel set costs 3,690 euros. Kaege takes 690 euros for painted apron lower parts, red-painted brake calipers cost 1,090 euros.


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