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Jetour T-X: New Bronco clone from China

The Chinese manufacturer Jetour has presented a new off-roader. The T-X should come with solid terrain technology.

It looks like the result of a love night between Ford Bronco and Land Rover Defender: The new Jetour T-X has now been presented in China. The edgy exterior already promises a good dose of adventurous spirit, but exactly what the Jetour is technically capable of was not revealed at the first presentation.

An alleged range of 1,000 kilometers

However, it has been leaked that, among other things, an off-road reduction and an adaptive chassis are used. The platform of the Jetour T-X should be suitable for the use of combustion engines as well as for (partly) electrified drives. Among other things, the model should come with a plug-in hybrid drive that should achieve a total range of 1,000 kilometers – which would require a correspondingly large battery and a very large fuel tank.

Jetour is a subsidiary of the Chinese Chery group. The Jetour T-X continues the line of Chinese 4x4s "inspired" by the new Ford Bronco and will henceforth compete with the Haval Tabk, which also coincidentally shares strong similarities with the US 4x4.

The Jetour T-X is scheduled to celebrate its official public premiere at the Beijing Motor Show in Beijing in April, when the technical data will also be available.


The Jetour T-X is another competitor in the Chinese market that caters particularly to the adventurous clientele. The look is strikingly similar to the Ford Bronco. This segment is currently very popular in the People's Republic, and several other manufacturers have already presented similar models.


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