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Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2.8 CRD in the super test

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2.8 CRD in the super test
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D this was tight for the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon: He missed the previous Supertest winner Range Rover by just 13 points and has been on the second place overall on our all-time best list since September 2007. A clean result for the ancestor of all off-road vehicles.

Most buyers go for the Wrangler Unlimited with diesel engine

However, such a specialist is not available for most interested parties: The family council requires four doors and refuses to pay the additional cost of special equipment for the Rubicon. If you have to remain sensible and still want to drive the legend, then - and this is most buyers - the Wrangler Unlimited (that's the long four-door) with diesel engine, long wheelbase, standard axles and gearbox, without locks - compared to the short Wrangler Rubicon a couple of big minus signs. The Unlimited CRD is also fun. Because despite all common sense, he is far from being an everyday type.

The Jeep Wrangler is a buddy

This does not only apply to the unique design - after another four-door convertible from the current one Production will have to be a long search. In addition, there is the Jeep feeling that the Wrangler can also convey as a diesel: a bit gnarled, not softened. Solid, honest, upright. A buddy. The diesel engine makes for trucker romance: Always heard, always felt, with sustained pressure and little pleasure in high engine speeds. Back then, when there wasn't a Q5 or X3, this was what a real off-road vehicle engine felt like. If you look closely, the Wrangler also does something for the general education of the off-roader off-roaders.

Long distances are also no problem for the Jeep Wrangler

If you opt for the five-speed automatic transmission, As found in the test car (surcharge: 900 euros), it gets two things: 50 Newton meters more torque than with the manual transmission - Chrysler only trusts 410 Newton meters - and the rediscovery of comfort when the car is called to work after cold nights . Only after one or two kilometers of driving does the automatic no longer feel as if the four-cylinder had to stir tough dough. The transmission isn't exactly a miracle of spontaneity either, but it goes quite well with the Wrangler with diesel. It is something for unexcited connoisseurs. The driving performance is completely sufficient, long distances are - apart from the quite high background noise -No problem at all.

The suspension comfort is decent, the brakes grip really well

Fast driving is still not much fun. You leave it on the autobahn at 140 km /h and don't get hectic on country roads just because the person in front is driving 92 instead of 100. The current JK definitely distances itself from the capers of the first leaf-sprung Jeep Wrangler. The suspension comfort is decent, the driving safety thanks to ESP and sufficient direct steering is high enough even for inexperienced users. The brakes grip really well in comparison with similar calibers like the Defender. So he can drive without restriction. Terrain too? You will find out in the evaluation of all nine disciplines.


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