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Jeep Wrangler model year 2022 - all information

Jeep introduces the new model year of the Wrangler. In the future it will only be available with a plug and four doors. Combustors are history in the EU.

It was actually already clear last summer , but now it's time to finally say goodbye with the official presentation of the Wrangler model year 2022. Farewell to both the veteran, the short three-door Wrangler, and the last remaining pure combustion engine, the two-liter turbo petrol engine. Those responsible for Jeep had already knocked the diesel out of the offer for the EU.

In the future, only the Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid will officially be available in the EU, while various petrol and diesel engines will continue to be offered elsewhere. Because the electrical engineering of the Wrangler 4xe requires the appropriate space, this also means the end for the short three-door car.

It's over for the three-door Jeep Wrangler

This makes entry into the Wrangler world even more expensive; the short petrol engine was the last model in the series that was still available for at least 60,000 euros. For the Wrangler 4xe, prices start at 69,500 euros for the Sahara, the Rubicon requires an investment of 71,000 euros, and 72,500 euros are due for the special 80th Anniversary model (omitted in 2022). In the future, German buyers will also have to forego funding via the environmental bonus after Jeep does not increase the electric range (53 km); From 2022, a minimum range of 60 kilometers will be required for eligibility.

Visually, nothing has changed on the 2022 Jeep Wrangler. There are two new standard colors (Silver Zynith Metallic Clear Coat and High Velocity Metallic Clear Coat) and two special colors (Tuscadero and Gobi), which can only be ordered for a few weeks.

Another innovation is the robust Gorilla Glass ( full details in this post ), which comes as standard on the Rubicon and can be ordered as an option for the Sahara. Jeep is also offering the Sunrider Flip Top as a surcharge option for Europe. This is a combination of a folding soft top over the front seats and a hard top from the middle of the vehicle.


The 2022 model year marks the end of an era for Jeep, at least in Europe. The actual original model, the short Jeep Wrangler, is no longer offered in the EU. At the same time, the official sale of the petrol model will also be discontinued. The fun car that started out in the 1990s at the price of a VW Golf has thus become an expensive luxury object.


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