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Jeep Recon (2024): electric variant of the Wrangler

Jeep brings four new electric cars, including the Wrangler derivative Recon. The electric interpretation of the Wrangler will be available in the US in 2024 and here a year later.

By 2025, Jeep plans to launch four all-electric off-road vehicles and SUVs. The most important model for Europe is the new compact Jeep Avenger, but the core identity of the brand, the robust off-roader, also needs to be modernized.

For some time now, Jeep has been demonstrating variants of the Wrangler with an electric drive, which were obviously conversions of the Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid. However, these "Magneto" christened prototypes also made it clear that the DNA of the Jeep Wrangler, which has been preserved for decades, with its two rigid axles and the less aerodynamic body is not particularly well suited to becoming an efficient electric car.

Electric interpretation of the Wrangler

With the new Jeep Recon, the brand has therefore put a completely new model on the road, with which on the one hand the Jeep DNA of the robust Wrangler is interpreted in a modern way, but on the other hand modern and efficient design is also possible . Accordingly, the Recon hits exactly the same notch as the Wrangler, but dispenses with a few quirks that make the original so special and popular with fans. First and most obviously, this concerns the front design with the headlights framed by a U-shaped daytime running light, which are rectangular instead of round.

At the same time, the Jeep Recon does without the characteristic flared front fenders of the Wrangler. The "Seven Slot Grill" as a trademark is displayed on the Recon with illuminated elements between the headlights. The body shape is not dissimilar to that of the Ford Bronco. At the rear, too, the references to the Jeep Wrangler are more than clear, not only because of the spare wheel on the outside, but also with the individually separated rear light units.

The roof and doors can be removed

The new Jeep Recon carries on a specialty that is extremely important to Wrangler fans, especially in the USA. Doors and roof can be removed, which allows a very special open-air pleasure, especially off the road. As with the Wrangler, the doors have external hinges from which they can be easily detached after the safety device has been removed.

Jeep hasn't given us a look into the interior yet, but the photos from the side show a steering wheel that is flattened at the bottom and a high center console between the front seats. There are no statements about the installed drive technology. Presumably, the Recon will be based on the STLA Frame SUV and pickup platform.At the presentation about future electric car developments in summer 2021, Stellantis mentioned ranges of up to 800 kilometers for the STLA frame platform. But it probably won't be that much with the Recon.

Start of production in 2024

The announced off-road capabilities also show how close the new Jeep Recon is to the brand icon Wrangler. He gets differential locks, the Selec terrain traction management, a robust underbody protection and standard off-road tires.

In Germany we have to wait until 2025 until the Recon lands here. In the US, Jeep will start taking orders in early 2023 and start production in 2024.


Instead of laboriously electrifying the venerable Wrangler, Jeep went a different way and designed a modern interpretation of the off-road vehicle icon. While the all-electric Jeep Recon has its own design language, it follows a consistent path as the Wrangler's legitimate sister model, with details right down to the removable doors and basic body shape. The product presentation with all technical data will take place in 2023.


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