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Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.6 V6: New edition of the US SUV

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.6 V6 put to the test
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N a, that's despite the Chrysler's new ownership doesn't even come close to a Fiat. The appearance of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee says it abundantly: I'm an American.

Grand Cherokee with lots of space

One of the classic types: big, awesome. The hood of the Jeep Grand Cherokee bulges to such an extent that checking the oil level becomes a stretching exercise. Around seven centimeters more in length and width and four centimeters more in height result in dimensions with which the delicacy that was still beginning to exist in the previous models is shelved. Here is a truck that, with its mighty radiator grille and high beltline, looks like it wanted to be a Hummer.

But upsizing also has its advantages. The space in the Jeep Grand Cherokee is generous, even in the rear. And the trunk swallows a respectable 782 liters when required, although a full spare wheel is still hidden under its floor.

You don't sit in the Jeep Grand Cherokee, you have to climb it, which usually ends with dirty trousers. After this procedure you sit very comfortably and look at an interior that does not look American at all. In terms of material selection and processing, a big step was made towards premium Europe, which is no wonder considering the long-term spouse from Stuttgart.

At the start of sales of the Jeep Grand Cherokee in the Old World, there is only the top equipment line Overland with fine leather and wood-decorated dashboard. The price is on par with the Mercedes M-Class and BMW X5, but unlike these top dogs, you don't have to worry about expensive options in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. In the Overland everything your heart desires is included, which means a price advantage of at least 20 percent compared to the German premium products.

Complete off-road vehicle technology on board

Nevertheless, in the Jeep Grand Cherokee you get a technology package that is worthy of a Jeep. The long-established company does not want to follow the path to the fashionable dynamic SUV. The youngest Jeep Grand Cherokee therefore also has the complete off-road vehicle technology: permanent all-wheel drive with a central differential, two-stage transfer case for the very difficult terrain. In principle, this is an old Jeep classic, but of course there is now an electronic oneRegulation that tells the differential how to distribute the power. And at the same time it has an influence on the response behavior of the engine and the shift characteristics of the automatic transmission. The Jeep Grand Cherokee driver does not have to do anything other than pre-select the appropriate drive program with a button on the center console.

Jeep-like ability off the road is thus ensured, even if other traditional components of the brand have said goodbye. The Grand Cherokee no longer carries a rigid axle, but rather modern independent wheel suspensions. The very conservative Jeep boys may scream, but that's good for the cause. Because the indisputable advantage of the rigid axle in the roughest rubble use would by far be offset by the disadvantages on the road.

Travel is in the foreground

None of its ancestors offered such good driving characteristics as this Jeep Grand Cherokee. Of course, you shouldn't expect a sporty habit: it's a 2.3-ton chunk that can't really hide its obesity. He steers himself precisely, but only knows the term handiness from hearsay, which is also due to the limited overview due to the voluminous roof pillars and the bulky steering wheel.

A cruiser for cruising, which is not safety-relevant in the driving tests Failure performs and also does very well in the brake test. In the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the focus is on quiet travel. But the suspension of the Jeep Grand Cherokee could have been a little smoother. Especially with the 20-inch wheels mounted on the test car, rolling on short bumps seems bumpy. The coil springs, on the other hand, absorb long waves with the necessary aplomb.

The rather tight tuning of the Jeep Grand Cherokee reveals the sideways glance at the European market. It seems all the more incomprehensible that the Jeep starts exclusively with gasoline engines. The basis is a completely new V6, with a standard 60 degree cylinder angle - just like the current Mercedes six-cylinder.

Gasoline engine that is easy to swallow

With its smooth running, this machine makes a good impression - but it is not in the right place for euro use in a large SUV. Light-footed turning ability up to well over 6,000 rpm and acceleration thrust only starting from 4,000 rpm are hardly the right characteristics.

That there is currently only a five-speed automatic with wide gears for the Jeep Grand Cherokee is what makes it Thing no better. This may be okay for American freeway operation, but those who drive quickly on the freeway are confronted with frequent gear changes and often use gears three and four - with correspondingly negative effects on consumption.

Eleven to twelve liters can be made, but 14 to are realistic15. So it makes sense to wait for the likewise new diesel, which comes on the market next spring. Until then, sorry, we cannot honor the progress that is otherwise recognizable in many points with more than three stars.


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