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Jeep Gladiator (2019): Seat rehearsal in the new pick-up

Gregor Hebermehl
Jeep Gladiator (2019)
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We have already reported in detail in this article about the transport and terrain skills of the visually impressive, mighty Gladiator. Now it's about how the jeep feels. After all, numerous pickups are quite uncomfortable in nature. Well, the massive brother of the largely identical Wrangler does not disappoint. Even the pre-production model shown to us looks chic and amazingly valuable - although we're talking about an expensive Rubicon that boasts with its well-made leather seats that support the sides.

USB sockets and sockets everywhere

Likewise On board is a large touchscreen (8.4 inches), part of the well-known Uconnect infotainment system, as well as a sharp color display between easily readable instruments, which can also show navigation commands or the force distribution, for example. Practical shelves are also present at the front, as are USB ports and sockets. All of this does not result in an intuitive cockpit, but it fits the brand well and should be more than enough for typical Jeep customers anyway.

Let's climb into the rear now. Here, too, you can sit comfortably on clearly shaped chairs. The backrest is not too steep, even the leg rest is okay. The headrests do not press the neck, but provide adequate support. Also, don't bang your heads on the hardtop and your knees on the front seats, which are equipped with mesh pockets. Soft armrests in the wide-opening doors and a central armrest further increase the impression of comfort. There are also USB sockets here.

Gregor Hebermehl
in the rear seats there are two lockable boxes that are internally fivefoldcan be subdivided.

Practical ideas that otherwise only Skoda has

But it can be even better: the backrest can not only be folded for the purpose of additional transport; The bench can also be folded out like a cinema seat (divided in two parts 60/40). Here, in turn, there are two lockable boxes that can be divided into five inside. A portable speaker is also hidden under the bench. LED lights in the side panels help in the dark. Ideas that are usually more familiar from Skoda.

If you consider that the Gladiator, like the 79 centimeter shorter Wrangler, is also available with a removable hardtop or folding sunroof, the long-awaited pick-up in the USA is maturing approached a rather unique pickup truck that four people can travel in open. Plus luggage, of course. The gladiator can transport 725 kilos on the 1.50 meter long, 1.32 meter wide and easily visible loading area and of course the selection of tarpaulins, eyelets, boxes, bicycle racks and much more is very generous. The FCA's own Mopar brand contributes a lot here. The corresponding flap is dampened, can be locked in three positions and can be loaded with 120 kilograms.


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